23 — Elemental

Steve Thorp
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2 min readSep 30, 2022


Emergence poems #3

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Progressivism collapses to naivete

Naive ideas conflate with the sacred

Everyone’s sacred idea is now a brand

Gaia is the opium of the chuntering classes

Fascism is a garb of endless disguises

Collapse is a story sad moralists tell

Ecology is a buzzword, flying high

Tradition is the colour of the dreaming sun

Nature is not nature — never was

Nature is what we face each morning

Nature was good when nuts were gathered

Nature is deadly when the sun dreams

Progress is an idea and always for sale

Ecology has eugenics buried in the soil

Gaia Gaia Gaia is the dreaming dream

Fearful joy and shining eyes turn to spirit

Spirit is the essence of the sun

The sun’s story is emblazoned on every flag

Ecology has a myth, is a mythology

Tradition is the beauty of song — is sung

Nature nature nature is the dreaming shrew

Dream’s story is the hedgerow

Dream’s story is the tradition of enclosure

Dream’s story has history at its heart

Trade is the token of the living soul

Soul is sold, then dies between

Dying is an expensive game

Gold in his palm is the price to pay

Silver in his soul is the green heart

Green heart is the tree’s investment

Even millennia carry a hint of transience

Universe Universe Universe, endless one!

One is the fantasy of the soul

Two is the marriage of the heart

Three is the trinity of tradition

Four and more: the universe expands

Embryo embryo embryo is animal

Animal is you, animal is me

Animal animal animal is thought

Trinity is the rhythm of these lines

Ritual is the trinity of dreaming

Dreaming is the ritual of traded remnants

Blood is the stream that flows

The flow is stemmed till the river dies

The sea is life is life is life is life

Four elements to wrangle with

Four elements wrought in alchemy

Now transformed in chemistry



Steve Thorp

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