Makeup Challenge — COVID19 Lock-down Day 26

2020, When wheel stopped (or slowed down)

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Makeup challenge

It was time when Kamal Hasan’s movie “Indian” was released. People have gone brisk over makeup techniques used. Every year from then, we started seeing at least one movie per year utilizing extreme makeups by lead artists.

Media played it’s role in glorifying it, “The artist spent 6 hours doing makeup”, “The artist can’t even take food during makeup and once makeup was done”, “Major chunk of shooting was dedicated to makeup”.

The makeup and makeover have pulled a interest factor in people and many artists only chose to do films with extreme makeups. Publicity stunts have taken new turns asking people to perform similar makeups and post them online.

Although everyone knew, makeup is virtual, it has created enough interest in people.

So, what is relevance here?

The daily makeup challenge of front line warriors

Let us now have look at how difficult it has been for front line fighters with COVID19, “The Doctors”.

To begin with, “Doctors” and “Nurses” are the only staff who have to enter “Isolation wards” and do their job. It is like walking into active minefield. Without extreme protection, Doctors and Nurses will also fall sick (and they have fallen sick with COVID19).

So today, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for doctors (treating COVID19) has become a basic necessity . It involves close to 13 steps while wearing. While removing the PPE, they have to be extra careful in properly disposing (or putting for sanitation) PPE. Since any negligence can result in infection to people who come in contact with PPE.

The guidelines instruct that PPE must be worn at all times doctor is in isolation ward. This means, doctor has to be in the PPE suit throughout entire day (or as long as in hospital). Why, the simple reason is it is never known when a patient inside ICU or isolation ward needs immediate attention. In emergency situation, every second is precious and doctors can’t spend time on putting the PPE again and again.

For this reason, doctors in China have to wear adult diapers as they don’t get any relaxation time. And due to extended wear, many have infected with skin rashes.

Psychological balance is very important in a patient’s recovery. Imagine, you are stuck in an ICU and only face you see is a person whose face can’t be seen due to protection he/she is wearing. How much psychological trauma it would create to patient? For this reason, doctors have started putting (one more link) their pictures on PPE suits.

So one big question, can the so called celebrities imagine this PPE challenge?

Other side of coin

Many times we take some people for granted. The list usually includes direct family. But other set of people in this list are Doctors, Army personnel (Remember the army people at Siachen also have to go with more extreme PPE in extreme weather conditions), Police.

We expect Doctors and Nurses to be saviors in this war against virus and stupidity of people. But, unfortunately they are human too. They too will have emotions and they are under extreme stress.

Next time when you see a doctor or a nurse, remember to wish them, speak with them in humble tone and say thank you.

Stay safe…
Stay stronger for the war has just begun….
Be empathetic to all doctors and nurses who are our warriors in war with stupidity….




Amid COVID19 virus spread, India in under lock-down since 25-Mar-2020. This is a kind of a short journal covering various aspects throughout lock down and Work From Home experiences.

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