Silver Linings of the Pandemic

Southern California Residents Share Where They Found Joy Amidst The Chaos

By Ashley King, Desiree Leon Rosales, Genrich Criste, and Sophia Kandah

A young woman who learned how to be alone participated in a giving chain with strangers through Facebook and sent them gifts with the intent to spread positivity. The Quilting For Community executive director taught quilting and donated many of them to a variety of organizations. A waitress who attempted to lose weight for years lost 30 pounds. An engineering student increased his productivity and ventured out of his comfort zone.

With a cumulative death toll of over 45,300 deaths, Southern California was one of the hardest hit regions by COVID-19. Amongst Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County residents were individuals committed to supporting each other and discovering themselves. We asked Southern Californians to share their silver lining moments of the pandemic. Despite the distress and hardships faced, it is clear that even in the most troubling times positivity can be found.

Listen to their stories below!

Check out a few of the full audio interviews here:

Jessica, 32

Lizz, 46 and Lesley, 81

Lourdes, 34

Naseena, 24

Melissa, 32



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