A Newcomer Appears

Sam Tracy
Sam Tracy
Jul 19, 2019 · 5 min read

Bangor is roasting to the point that even the pigeons hide in the shaded eves of the windows above Main street. If there was any question in your mind about getting out of the house this weekend, allow me to lay those questions to rest: it’s too hot not to. Today is already hitting the 80s and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter.

It’s days like these I fully appreciate our air-conditioned coworking space. I don’t envy those in sweaty-filled, subpar work conditions. Until I leave my desk in the afternoon and head to the parking garage, I don’t feel the heat or the mugginess. It hits like a wave when you open the door and sticks to your skin in the worst ways. My home is not air-conditioned, and you can catch me lying on the floor in front of a fan at the worst of times.

Summer means most of our members are out and about with their families. When work needs to be done though, the heat drives them out of their home offices and into CoVort. I like to keep the lights off and let the sun do the work, and with an ambiance of summer music curated by yours truly, summer at CoVort is almost sweet and quiet. It’s the perfect time to sneak in and get your work done, which is exactly what Jetty did.

I gave Jetty a tour of our space on a Friday at the end of June, making her one of our newest members. She was bright and friendly and liked CoVort enough to sign up the same day and ask for a dedicated desk when one became available. She set up her desk a week later, including a seat cushion with an anchor on it, a tall coffee mug with a chic woman wearing sunglasses, and a book on HTML. I knew she should go on the list for potential interviews, and I’m so grateful to have taken a moment of her time to discuss her life and her interests.

Jetty actually grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. She and her husband moved to Bangor this past April. They picked the area to raise their young family after imagining what they wanted their lives to look like in the next ten years. “We have an eight-month-old daughter who we plan to raise loving Maine blueberries and architecting snow forts in the winter.”

Jetty with her daughter

When she’s not working, you will find Jetty browsing a bookstore, having an Americano with too many shots, or taking a day trip to enjoy some natural splendor like a mountain or waterfall. She also loves the thrill of training for a road race, like a few other CoVorters. “I did a 5k in March of 2019 before our move here and I’ve done half marathons in the past. Much like my excitement for going through the production process, I love spending 6–16 weeks challenging myself and then experiencing the unmistakable joy of crossing the finish line.”

Jetty works remotely as a marketing consultant for Global Employment Solutions using CoVort as her office. “I’ve been working in the field for the past nine years. At present, I work specifically with email marketing campaigns; I’ve been serving in a placement on the Email Operations team at the mass media company, Condé Nast, for the last four years.” Her role is testing promotional emails for functionality, proper display, catching any errors and hitting the send button, and she does it all with a surprising cheer. She contributes some of this attitude to her vocational high school, where she got to spend three hours of her day on academics and three hours of her day learning a trade or business.

“The trade I picked to specialize in was Printing Technology and I always got a great sense of accomplishment from taking each job through the production process: idea, setup, printing (on a real printing press!), finishing, packaging and delivering it to the client. From that time, I was hooked. I loved communicating for the client by creating their printed product and I loved educating the customer through that same medium. That experience influenced me to enjoy the work I’m doing today.”

But some of it, in fact, might’ve come from her grandfather. “Before getting into marketing, I worked in customer service and sales. At 15 years old, I was hired as the bag and cart specialist at my local supermarket and I was promoted when I was 16 to the role of express lane cashier. My father has nine siblings, so on my Dad’s side, I am one of over twenty grandchildren. My favorite thing about being a cashier at that location was my paternal grandfather lived nearby and would come in to tell me how proud he was of me, that I had such good work ethic and was so great working with the public.”

“His comments meant a lot to me considering my grandfather also had many other grandchildren to be proud of. I was great at making a personal connection with the customers and letting them know the deals, coupons and offers that were available to them while ringing up their items. It was in this, my first job, that I realized how much I really enjoy educating and communicating with customers.”

Now, not everyone loves coworking or even knows what it is. I’ve been trying to ask our members when I interview them how they heard of us, what they knew about coworking before they stopped in and toured CoVort. Better yet, what made up their mind to join our group of CoVorters. Jetty said, “My husband noticed CoVort when he was going to pick up our Saag Paneer and Chana Masala dinners at Taste of India. He let me know about it right away!”

Back in 2016, when she started working remotely in her current job, Jetty attended an open house at Revolutionary Coworking in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She loved the idea of being in a workspace where she’d be surrounded by other people who are either working remotely, running their own businesses or who are entrepreneurs.

“At that time, I lived a driving distance of 45 minutes from that office, so I never moved forward with joining,” said Jetty. “When I found CoVort, I already knew I loved coworking and I was glad to find an energetic and welcoming coworking space so close to my new home. Like Starbucks’ philosophical idea of the ‘third place’, CoVort is my place away from the hustle and bustle of dropping my daughter off at childcare or the routine tasks of our home, I decided I’d like to stay awhile in that place with a dedicated desk.”

In the end, Jetty said, “the best thing about coworking is spending time in an environment with like-minded people who are independently working but are also inspirationally collaborating. CoVort is a hub for people to come together to meet their own goals while learning about the goals of others.”

CoVort loves all our members, but especially those like Jetty who come in on hot days and say yes to an interview. Jetty isn’t in today, which hopefully means she’s outside with her daughter enjoying the beach or a good book in the shade.

Don’t suffer through this weekend heatwave. Get outside, stay hydrated and catch some waves! I’ll be lounging near a pool if all goes well.

CoVort Insider

A log of the day-to-day going-ons in our downtown coworking space

Sam Tracy

Written by

Sam Tracy

CoVort Insider

A log of the day-to-day going-ons in our downtown coworking space

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