Coworking vs. Isolation

Sam Tracy
Sam Tracy
Aug 23, 2019 · 4 min read

We’re nearing the end of August and I’m happy to say the sun is shining. The thunderstorms have been frequent and overpowering but all that rain is good for the harvest and for the temperature in Bangor too. It hasn’t been near as unbearably hot this past week and I am happy to say I can comfortably wear pants again.

It’s the perfect time for barbecues or beach days with your family and friends- and we are running out of perfect summertime, folks! Soon, class starts up for most Maine school districts. Quickly after that, colleges and universities will be in full swing. Back-to-school sales and end-of-summer trips abound; ff you want deals or delights, you must brave the crowds. My suggestion? Go off the beaten path! If you’re tempted to drive to Camden on a sunny Saturday, for instance, I would advise you towards a path less traveled and a destination less coveted. Baxter State Park, with its trails and campgrounds, is one of my favorite summer places!

Trips and fun with family and friends are especially important for our CoVort members and anyone else who works remotely. As I’m sure you’ve noticed (if you happen to be one of those remote workers), working from home can be quite lonesome. As much as you might roll your eyes at the noise of the office and hate the commute each morning, when you start working from home you begin to miss the daily interaction with your coworkers. There’s no water cooler chat, no break room, no lunch meetings or pizza parties.

You’re alone, you set your own schedule. If you’re not careful, you won’t leave your house for three days straight. You might forget what it feels like to interact with anyone at all if you don’t have family living with you. Remote workers and freelancers must actively fight feelings of loneliness and isolation when working from home lest they become despondent, even downright hermit-like. Some remote workers choose to work from cafes or bars, where the energy is high with other people’s conversations and noise. Some plan lunch dates or attend gym classes to get their social fix.

One easy solution is to buy a membership to a coworking space. I know, I know, many remote workers and freelancers considered leaving their coworkers behind a good thing but it’s not the coworking community you hated, it’s the distractions, the commotion. Other CoVorters will never pester you about a PowerPoint or ask you for help on a report.

The best thing about CoVort is being able to see the same people and bond with them. There are other people in the space every day, coworking with the same focus and determination as you are. Get the best of both office worlds: sit down and work uninterrupted for as long as you want. When you need a break, you’re free to roam, stretch, and mingle all you please. The downside, you will need to get dressed and make that morning commute once again. Flexibility is what drives most to remote work in the first place and it would be a shame to sacrifice. With coworking, however, your commute can be made after lunch if it suits your fancy.

A home office can’t compare in terms of community or tech, either. One of our members, Rick, joined just a few weeks ago. His company hooked him up with a dedicated desk and he’s been putting it to good use.

For a few days, Rick consistently made himself cups of decaf coffee at the Keurig. Our community manager Lisa quickly learned decaf was all he could drink and bought a whole case of it for the larger community coffee makers. A couple of other CoVorters (myself include) also appreciated the new coffee option.

Another recent change to our space came in the form of more dedicated standing desks. Previously, only one of our members, Garrett, used a standing desk. He had to crank it to change the height and the crank squeaked and squealed terribly, which dissuaded him from changing it often. We upgraded his crank desk to an electronic one and brought in two more as well. Look at those two new dedicated standing desk spaces below:

Modeled by Matt and Robin

And here are some of our other standing desk areas available to everyone!

From making fresh coffee and tea to making spontaneous renovations and upgrades, CoVort puts special effort into making our coworking experience ideal for each and every one of our CoVorters. You won’t get socialization and networking like this from your house. And even if you get “enough sun” from your home office windows, nothing can compare to the armchairs we have upfront:

CoVort Insider

A log of the day-to-day going-ons in our downtown coworking…

Sam Tracy

Written by

Sam Tracy

CoVort Insider

A log of the day-to-day going-ons in our downtown coworking space

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