Life and Cowork in Maine

Sam Tracy
Sam Tracy
Aug 9, 2019 · 4 min read

Summer in Maine is a treat for most and a feast for those voracious enough to go looking. There’s trails, hikes, lakes, and beaches, all within a short drive from downtown Bangor. Many of our members run, bike, or hike for their own fun, with friends, or with family. One of the biggest perks of coworking is the flexibility to set your own schedule and our CoVorters certainly take advantage! We hope when they’re not working in the space, our members are off in the outdoors taking in the sunshine.

However, real-life can get in the way of relaxing. CoVort co-founder Jason Harkins said, “When I have the time, I hike. I haven’t been able to hike as often as I’d like.” This is the case for many coworkers, who even with flexibility have to manage a life-work-play balance. Add kids to the mix, and getting out in the sun can be even harder. Lisa Liberatore, CoVort’s other co-founder and community manager, knows the best way to keep kids occupied. She and Jason took their collective youngsters to Fields Pond in Orrington “instead of being in the office for four and a half hours. We sat in the shade and the kids were off swimming.”

I grew up in the foothills so I love getting to the coast. I haven’t had the chance to make it down to Mount Desert Island yet this summer, but I went last August! Me and three friends did a couple of short hikes and grabbed lunch in town. Here a few pictures I saved:

Elizabeth Golluscio came to Maine for nature. Working remotely allowed her to leave New York City and plan for three weeks on Deer Isle for a vacation of sorts. But she found the internet in Stonington to be “spotty” and couldn’t do her job without it, so she came to CoVort for a month-long membership. The commute is lengthy but Elizabeth notes it is “pretty, quiet, single-lane roads” and “scenic” for most of the drive. She also said she’s been enjoying the foggy mornings as she travels country roads and farmlands — like a Stephen King scene.

As a Triathlete, Elizabeth made sure to bring her wetsuit and her bike. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had much time to go on her own adventures in the past week. She intends to spend this weekend on Mount Desert Island and has thoughts to go kayaking in Stonington. I made sure to direct her to Pushaw Lake and the Bangor City Forest for fun in the area. Baxter State Park was third on my list of suggestions, as well!

Here are some pictures of Elizabeth’s current stay on Deer Isle:

And last but not least, here are a few more pictures of some of our CoVorters and their families doing their favorite Maine activities!

This picture is my absolutely favorite!

Summer will only last for another month, remember! Now’s the time to get outside and make the most of the sunshine and thunderstorms! And if you’re like Elizabeth and you need a place to get work done, send me a message and I’ll get you a free day pass to CoVort!

Happy hiking!

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A log of the day-to-day going-ons in our downtown coworking…

Sam Tracy

Written by

Sam Tracy

CoVort Insider

A log of the day-to-day going-ons in our downtown coworking space

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