The Missing Katie

Sam Tracy
Sam Tracy
May 17, 2019 · 3 min read

May 17

Hello again! Life as a coworking admin is new and different each day. Much in the same way, the CoVort space has different people and different work being done every day. Some members only come in when home life gets too busy or too loud, or work from home in order to take care of kids.

Even in all that variation, you can’t help but notice when you haven’t seen someone around in a while. Such was the case with Katie, an absolute ray of sunshine and a regular member with a dedicated desk next to the CoVort kitchen. At first, I didn’t think anything of her absence. Life happens.

Then the days continued to trickle by and her desk remained empty.

Her personal belongings stayed and I cleaned her desk every morning. I vacuumed the space around her chair on autopilot. Where was Katie? I asked a few members and no one knew. None of us were truly in the loop of Katie’s business affairs. In a coworking space, you grow close to the same people and expect to see them just like you would a business office. I had grown to expect Katie sitting at her desk and missed her now that she wasn’t.

Days turned into weeks. I was still waiting for Katie to walk through the front door. My desk sits right at the front CoVort, near the windows to the street and in full view of who was coming to the door.

When Katie keyed in, I was ready and waiting with a hug!

I asked her all about her business and her long absence. So, here’s a little bit about Katie:

Full name Katie Brydon, she works as the Director of Programs at Best Buddies International, which offers inclusive international programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in over 54 countries worldwide. She joined CoVort in 2017 and currently uses one of our dedicated desks.

Katie has a husband and three children whom she loves more than anything.

Often times, her work brings her away from home as it did the past few weeks. She travels away from Maine during the summer, which rankles her sometimes. It always seems as if she’s stuck in Maine (and inside) for the entire winter but once the nicer weather starts rolling in, Best Buddies is sure send her on a trip to Miami or the Midwest.

Still, she loves her job and the people she works with. While traveling can take a lot out of her, Katie also loves the opportunity of meeting new people and doing awesome work with them.

Katie is, as I said, a true ray of sunshine. She’s been back in Maine for about a week now and is less than pleased with the all the rain. We’re happy to have her back with us. I seemed to underestimate how much I’ve bonded with all our members and how much I miss them when they’re away.

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