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Breaking Into & Thriving in VC

By Jomayra Herrera & Amanda Robson

At Cowboy Ventures, we believe everyone should have access to knowledge on how to get into venture capital and be successful. This information should not be limited to a privileged few. That’s why Jomayra and Amanda on our team created a set of resources — in a set of 3 slide decks — to help those interested in learning how to break into and thrive in venture capital know how to succeed.

Breaking Into Venture.

  • Questions to ask yourself before starting the search
  • How to find open roles and develop relationships to help in your search
  • Interview tips and a template for tracking your interview pipeline
  • What to do once you get your offer

What to Prioritize your First Year in Venture.

  • Tips on how to become your firm’s expert on a particular trend or space
  • How to complete high-quality diligence
  • How to create leverage for your team
  • What not to do in your first year

Sourcing Strategies.

  • How to do a thematic deep dive
  • Building your brand as a subject matter expert
  • How to do outbound sourcing
  • Making the most of relationship-driven sourcing

Please share these resources with anyone you think may benefit from them! If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at and




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