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Oct 30, 2017 · 3 min read

We’re starting out a new journey filled with interviews showcasing the stories of Cowork Timisoara’s residents.

copyright: Andrei Palamariu

In our very first interview, you will meet Andrei Palamariu — entrepreneur and founder of Healthycado, a platform for wellness solutions. Andrei is very passionate about well-being and education, and loves creating things from scratch.

No wonder he became an entrepreneur, right? :)

The Builder and The Doer

Andrei is by definition a builder and a doer. He has a great appetite for international communities and for building things that matter.

If we are going back to the time when Andrei was just a student, we’ll see that he started to work on international projects and coordinate various teams with AIESEC Timisoara. Andrei also got the chance to move to Thailand for a year and lead the HR Strategy of AIESEC Thailand. There he felt firsthand what a “culture shock” really means.

After returning to Romania, he got a job at a multinational company, but he felt he had another mission. So after a couple of months, Andrei quit his job and started working on his two first startup ideas, on nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

  • Cosul Sanatos — He developed a healthy food delivery system based on natural, local products from scratch.
  • Fresco — Detoxifying juice packs that would make you healthy, happy and full of energy. All natural, all fresh.

On his entrepreneurship journey, Andrei Palamariu got a various experience, being in charge in various activities, such as:

  • business strategies— for both B2C and B2B products;
  • event management —where he worked with nutritional experts and fitness experts to create wellness focused event;
  • marketing strategy —for all type ofproducts, and by using the most important social media networks;
  • Strategic Planning and Product Development — both developed for wellness and nutrition products from B2B and B2C markets.

Andrei, describe us what are you doing right now? Is there a new business?

The startup I am currently working on is based on Singapore, South Asia and focuses on recruiting at a higher level, which means finding the right employees for management level, in the Logistics and Supply Chain.

The co-founder of the company is my brother and we started this with the goal of making a business that grows over generations.

Which was your main motivation when you started working on this business?

I started working on this startup because it gives me the opportunity to interact with various types of peoples, many of them having impressive and inspiring life stories.

From the people I have to meet up until now, I learned various things, from how to sell your own brand, how to run million dollars business, to how to keep a balance between family and professional life.

The international exposure is another important element that lead me to make this decision and involve myself in this project.

What made you come to work from Cowork Timisoara and what do you like the most, after spending some time there?

I needed a space that would facilitate me the separation between work and the living space, and a coworking space seemed like the right thing.

Here, I found a relaxing and pleasant environment, that slowly concluded to a beautiful “Cowork Family”.

How do you think coworking spaces can help entrepreneurs and their businesses?
For entrepreneurs, freelancers and small teams that are just starting their business, I think it’s the perfect environment to work, exchange ideas, get the right spirit and build things that matter.

Finally, do you have a super-wise tip for other entrepreneurs that are just starting their business?
I do not have that super-wise one. Instead, I have this simple one:

“Talk to other niche entrepreneurs, from your industry, see which are the problems they have faced, and what you can avoid”.

Fun fact

You may want to check out Andrei Palamariu’s Instagram.

No only that he shares a lot of pictures with delicious and healthy food, but he also travels a lot. So, you will find a lot of amazing shots (like the one below).

Poached egg on a cozy bed of avocado hummus and toast — Copyright: Andrei Palamariu

Cowork Timisoara

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Cowork Timisoara

The perfect place for freelancers and startups.

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