[9] Coworking Cities: Shanghai, 上海.

February 2018 being the month of the Chinese New Year 🐶, we decided to take you for a ride in… coworking Shanghai! We spent 4 days exploring the city and brought you the best coworking stories.

SHANGHAI COWORKING CITY GUIDE 📷Before starting out, there are a few things you should know to better grasp Shanghai’s coworking scene.

  • Coworking in Shanghai was not born yesterday. It actually started in 2006 with Anken House, a shared creative office which was viewed as a “new viable platform for collaboration amongst foreign enterprises and the local government.”
  • The city counts more than 500 coworking spaces.
  • 2015 is the year when coworking started to boom in Shanghai.
  • The huge success of coworking in Shanghai is primarily due to the boom of tech and sharing economy. The government has made Tech (and startups) growth one of its priority. Thus, in 2015 more than 4 million startups got created in China, which is 21% more than the year before.
  • Occupancy rate of spaces is, on average, of 70%.
  • The average price of a desk in around $195
  • Shanghai has 25 million inhabitants

Impressive figures right? Well, this is just the beginning! Click on the link below to start exploring our unique coworking city guide, featuring the creme de la creme of the Shanghainese workspaces.



Every month, we sit down with inspiring individuals who are part of the coworking movement. In Shanghai, we spent some time at naked Hub and we had the opportunity to chat with Manoj Mehta, the CEO of naked Hub, China’s fastest growing coworking chain who told us more about the philosophy behind the brand as well their (big) plans for the future.

We also met Maxime, who is coworking out of naked Hub and who shared with us why he chose to become a Hubber and how the space is supporting him to grow his business.



Wondering what are the latest coworking news in Shanghai? We have you covered!


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