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In 2016 we visited 106 coworking communities to explore their people and spaces. This article is part of our challenge to sum up 12 coworking cities in 2017. Bookmark this one as we are going to constantly update it!

Willkommen to Berlin!

COWORKIES is starting the year by bringing you with us to the city we are based at: Berlin. Get to know its coworking scene better, with some interesting facts, stories and… products made in here!

Coworking and Berlin have a long history. It all started in

Called C-base, it started as a hacker space and defines itself as “the oldest crashed space station on earth”. It is still up and running 22 years after its opening day. Does it make it the first coworking space on earth?

Since 1995, coworking spaces have surfaced all over the city. Sankt Oberholz, opened in 2005 and has today 3 locations in town. Few years after, betahaus opened, paving the way to many more coworking spaces.

Today, Berlin counts more than

according to Berlin Partners. Have a look at where they are at on the Ubahn map!

The year 2016 has been an excellent “cuvee” for coworking in Berlin in terms of openings and expansions. We welcomed spaces like Noize Fabrik, a musicians focused coworking space with an in-house recording studio. Two coworking “Giants” have also blossomed in town: WeWork and Mindspace.

Ahoy, the coworking space which is also behind Tech Open Air conference grew and moved to a beautiful building of 4,500 sqm. RoofUp became SpaceShack and moved to the ground floor of their building and transformed a former gym into a brand new coworking space. Unicorn, the coworking spaces which is all about working, eating and meeting, opened two locations in 2016 around Berlin.

Aside from growth, it’s worth mentioning that Berlin has one of the most diverse coworking landspace in Europe. Spaces like FabLab, gathering the community of makers, Co Up, gathering the community of coders, Agora & ESDIP, coworking heavens for creatives or the Rainmaking Loft, a Startup focused coworking space in the heart of the city, are flourishing. We even got the chance to interview an even more special one, scroll below to find it:)

Berlin is also very creative when it comes to memberships. We have selected

1. Blogfabrik, a coworking space where members pay with content
2. Enklave, a pay-per-minute coworking space
3. Factory, an Entrepreneur business club fostering innovation where membership cost… 50 euros.

Coworking Chats

Now that you have a better understanding of Berlin coworking landscape, it is time to meet some Berlin coworking people!

2 stories, carefully selected, from a coworking space owner AND a coworker.

Meet Katja and Silvia, Founders of JuggleHub, a coworking space for parents… and their children

Read the interview

Katja, Silvia & the kids

In June 2016, Katy and Silvia jumped into the coworking world and opened JuggleHub, a Family friendly coworking space, located in the heart of Berlin. We sat down with them on a late Monday morning, to listen to how they started and what their coworking journey looked like so far (+ they shared some coworking tips, you should not miss!)

Femna, a coworking story

Read the interview

Emily (standing) and Maxie (sitting), Co-Founder of Femna

Meet Maxie, a serial entrepreneur and coworking lover. We have been following her ventures for a while and fall in love with her latest one: Femna.

Femna is a total coworking story, emphasizing how a community of like-minded professionals can meet in one space and build beautiful products.

Made in Berlin

We did some research to select the top 3 coworking materials of the month coming from… Berlin, have a look!

Have you ever heard about Deskmag? It’s one of the most popular (and Berlin based) magazines focusing on the new type of work and their places. Carsten, the founder, and his team just released the 2017 coworking forecast. What to expect? More coworking spaces, more members and…

betahaus recently changed its membership model after 8 years of operation. Christoph Fahle, one of the Founders, shared his insights on how they made it happen. Read it here

This article will be updated throughout the year so keep an eye on it…

We are on the hunt for some cool coworking stories and coworking facts about London! Help us in spreading the word and reach out to us if you want to submit ideas.

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