[Coworker]+[Startup] Chad, Founder of Scanta — AR/VR video games creators.

Augmented and Virtual reality are hot topics at the moment! We wondered if there was any company working on it in a coworking space and guess what? We found it! For Coworkies - Coworking Communities monthly portraits serie “made in coworking”, we spoke with Chad about his mission, his coworking space and the future of Augmented Reality…

Hello Chad and thank you for your time! Before we talk about the present and what you do now, we would love to know a bit more about your background.

While doing my masters in the Czech Republic, I got introduced to AR/VR in 2015, and I started researching on the same. In 2016, I founded Scanta, which grew from 3 employees to 30 employees today.

Thanks for your intro! Now, if we talk about today, what do you do exactly?

I work on AR/VR and together with my team, we built one of the top AR/VR companies in the world.

The two games developed by Scanta: Polygoons and AR Dunk


Augmented Reality is a hot trend, how do you explain its success?

I see it more of a trend only right now there are new use-cases that are emerging everyday from a B2B standpoint. But in terms of the consumer standpoint, industry is looking for its next winner after Pokemon go, and we are building just that.

How do you find inspiration when building/ creating a video game?

We have an elaborate process of testing on ground at colleges to get a pulse of what sort of gameplay works best

How do you market your video games?

Through gaming communities, SEO campaigns.

What’s the future of AR? Is it to be even more real?

I believe we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of AR and AR glasses are going to change the game.


What is the name of your coworking space?

Hero City at Draper University in Silicon Valley.

A sneak Peek inside Hero City, San Francisco

Why did you choose this one over the others in San Francisco?

I think our relationship with Draper and their constant support is the reason for staying at Hero City.

In a coworking space you are more…

  1. Coffee or Tea? Tea
  2. Quiet coworker or Loud coworker? Quiet
  3. More at your desk or more in meetings? Meetings


You also mentioned you are into blockchain, how would you explain blockchain with simple words in a length of tweet?

Blockchain maybe be public or private, authenticated ledger of transactions, providing transparency through authentication via cryptography and security by being unmodifiable

You are based in San Francisco, what’s your favorite thing to do in SF?

Spending weekends at the Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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