[6] Coworking cities: Paris

We are Coworkies, a future of work company that visited 201 coworking communities since 2016 to explore their people and spaces. This article is part of our challenge to sum up 21 coworking cities in 2017. Bookmark this one as we are going to constantly update it!


This Summer, we decided to take you on a longer coworking journey in a city where coworking is moving fast: Paris. For three weeks, we walked around the city to meet the spaces and people shaping the future of Paris at work.

We took the opportunity to be in Paris to co-organize an event with our friends from Le Laptop and Le Pavillon des Canaux to discuss the workplaces of the future.

The word that summarizes the way we experienced coworking in Paris is diversity. Diversity is everywhere: in the type of workplaces you can find, in the business models available and also in the profile of coworkers you can meet.

Seat back, relax and scroll down to discover a new coworking city!

Bienvenue à Paris !



Paris counts around 90 coworking spaces today. The number keeps on growing and so does the type of spaces available. To give you the right understanding of the workplaces available around the city, we gathered them by core target.

Coffices, Premium coworking, Coworking with day-care,Coworking for students and Maker labs are part of the delicacies available on the menu today, which one will you pick?

Coffices ☕

The concept of coffice is well-known around Paris thanks to one of the most famous coffice brands in the world: AntiCafé,which counts 9 coffices around the city.

Anti-Café is not the only one who knows how to build and run beautiful coffices. If you walk in the center of Paris, pay a visit to Le 10h10, a retro-coffice located in Silicon Sentier. Don’t forget to pass by Châtelet to visit the recently opened Cosy Corner, a coffice offering freshly baked cakes and cosy meeting rooms. You can’t miss Unicorners and its incredible design! Plus Alex, the owner will serve you the freshest and tastiest coffee and tea you could ask for!

Last and least, Nuage Café will charm you with its beautiful little house in the middle of La Sorbonne. Ask Benjamin to tell you a bit more about the unique story of the building!

Nuage Cafe (left) — Unicorners (right)
Cosy Corner (left) — Le 10h10 (right)

🛎️ Premium coworking spaces

Paris is also well-known for its sense of taste and its natural chicness. Premium coworking in Paris is the perfect example of “Le Chic à la française”.

Let’s start with The Bureau, a boutique office with a direct view on the Eiffel Tower. Located in an art déco building, you will fall in love with every room and every piece of furniture.

If you value well-being at work, we have the space you need! Meet Kwerk, a premium coworking space placing wellness at the center of their activity. Being a member at Kwerk means you will have your dedicated coach and wellness program. On top of that you will have unlimited access to ergonomic furniture and activities allowing you to work with no pain and more focus.

The Bureau
Kwerk (left) — The Bureau (right)

Maker spaces and Maker labs 👩‍🔧

If your thing is to be a maker, Paris has what you need. Maker spaces are available all around the city with different sets of machines and options.

Usine.io is a hardware accelerator, accompanying startups from idea stage to manufacturing. Usine.io gathered the best makers from all around the world to support the startups in-house in building their projects.

WoMa is a fablab, a hackerspace, a makerspace and much more. Delphine and her team have put together a space where you can build anything while being surrounded by other local makers!

Ateliers Draft is a maker space located in the north of Paris where you can use machines such as 3D and textile printers. Check out the projects done by the makers coworking from the space and register to one of their workshop to learn how to build yours!

Volumes combines a makerspace with a foodlab where members can experiment new ideas while being supported by the community their new ideas. It is a living lab where professionals collaborate around projects that matters.

Ateliers Draft (left) — Usine.io (middle) — Volumes (right)

👨‍🎓 Coworking for students

If you did not read about La Permanence, you have missed out something incredibly cool! When it comes to studying in a Librairy in Paris, it quickly becomes a nightmare for students. Overcrowded librairies, extended queues, short opening hours, small apartments, nothing has been made easy for them to properly study. This was before Manesse opened the doors of La Permanence. Targeting students (mainly), the coworking is open 24/7 and students pay 1€/hour.

There is only one rule inside: absolute silence!

La Permanence

Coworking with Day-Care 👶

Cowork Crèche is the very first coworking space with day-care in Paris. Open to anyone looking for a family-friendly atmosphere, the space also has one dedicated room where kids can play and make friends while parents work and meet like-minded professionals.

Muriel, the Founder, has created a beautiful environment where every little details matter.

Cowork crèche

👩‍🎨 Coworking for Creatives

Paris has an incredible creative community. If you wonder where to meet them, go to Le Laptop, a former Atelier where la crème de la crème of UX designers, Illustrators, Photographers are coworking. One of the main focus of Le Laptop is to facilitate exchange of knowledge between members through a serie of weekly community events.

If you are a digital nomad looking for a place to work for the day of the week, Coworkshop might be a nice spot for you to try. Located only one minute away from the Canal Saint Martin, it has two locations next to each other: one for nomads and one for residents.

Last and least, you can also meet and greet Remix Coworking, a coworking brand with 4 locations around Paris. We interviewed Marie, the super connector at Remix so scroll-down below to read how they have created an amazing community!

Coworkshop (left) — Le Laptop (right)

Coworking for startups 🚀

Paris is also becoming one of the major startup capitals of Europe. You won’t be surprise to learn that amazing coworking spaces are there to support startups in building their ideas from scractch.

50 Loft Partners is a mix between incubator and coworking space. The selected startups working from there receive constant support from mentors, investors and other coworkers.

Partech Shaker is an initiative launched by Partech Ventures. Located in the heart of Paris they gather under one roof startups, VCs, corporates and acceletor in collaboration with Techstars. Read the interview we made with them to discover the concept.

NUMA and Station F are two iconic places for startups. The first one because it is the first one that opened a space for startups in Paris and the second one because it is the biggest startup campus in the world. Read more about both in our “did you know?” section below.

Partech Shaker (left) — 50 Loft Partners (right)
Station F (left) — NUMA (right)

👨‍🔬Hybrid coworking

What is Hybrid coworking? It’s a coworking space that welcomes everyone. Wether you are a creative, a startup, a small-medium company, those spaces are made for you!

Deskopolitan is a freshly-opened coworking space with an amazing interior design. The attention to details has been pushed very far and everything there has been designed to make your life easier and let you connect to your coworkers. Fun Fact about them? They hosted one of the candidate of the French Presidential election during his campaign.

Greenspace is a stylish coworking space located in the heart of Paris and home to inspiring entrepreneurs who cowork in a calm and warming atmosphere.

Next Door is a coworking chain (supported by Bouygues Construction) with 8 locations across Paris. Each space has a unique design and hosts a mix of Corporate companies, startups and freelancers. The brand is expanding very quickly in France and abroad!

Cool & workers is a coworking space welcoming nomads and residents under one roof while creating a cool working environment for everyone to meet and collaborate.

Lawomatic owns a former Atelier in a hidden garden of Paris. They offer fixed desks only and every member has 24/7 access to the very well protected building :) If you want to get some work done, this is your place.

Mozaik Coworking is a chain of workspaces 3 locations around the city. Each space has its unique touch and vibe and diversity is their keyword when it comes to the community.

nextdoor (left) — Mozaik Coworking (middle) — Lawomatic (right)

Time for some fun coworking facts about Paris!

1/ The first coworking space in Paris opened in 2008.

Hi from NUMA!

Called La Cantine, its primary mission was to create a community center for the digital community, and promote the expansion of startups in Paris. It was the very first coworking space in Paris but also in France!

The team behind La Cantine was from Silicon Sentier, which, in 2014 became NUMA. Today NUMA provides a free coworking space at the ground floor and acceleration programs on the upper floors. It has programs in 8 different cities across the world, from Paris to Moscow, Berlin or even Bangalore.

Interested to read more about NUMA’s story? Find it right here!

2/ 300 euros

WeWork Paris (left) — Anticafe (right)

is the average cost of a coworking desk in Paris. 
 3/ The biggest coworking space in the world is in Paris

We were at Station F!

Have you heard of Station F? Opened in July 2017, it is today, the biggest coworking space for startups in the world. Located in a former train hangar, it can fit the Eiffel Tower lying down and has more than 3,000 coworking seats. Inside STATION F, you will find Facebook’s first worldwide accelerator, as well as VC’s such as Accel, Balderton Capital or Kima Ventures.

Every month, we have a mission: finding locals who are eager to share their inspiring story/experience. This month, we decided to focus on what coworking is all about: COMMUNITY.

For a change, we interviewed a space and a coworker from the same place to get both perspective on the meaning of community as well as a space connecting dots between startups and corporates.

Meet Parisian locals!

in 2014, Paris has welcomed Partech Shaker, an initiative of Partech Ventures supporting startups in their growth. We interviewed the team behind The Shaker to understand their role in Paris’ startup scene.


Meet Marie, Super connector at Remix Coworking, a Parisian coworking space with 4 locations across the city. We chatted with Marie about the very unique way Remix is building the sense of community and togetherness in their spaces. Read more about it below!


The story of Remix coworking being so community-driven, we decided to interview one of their coworkers, Emmanuel, to get his perspective on what it means to be a part of Remix.

His interview is all about people, don’t miss it!


The monthly curated lists of products relevant to coworking has arrived! Discover what is coming straight out of Paris!

If you haven’t heard yet of cowork.io, now is the time! 
The coworking management tool designed and built in Paris is aiming to help coworking operators to get on top of things in their space.


Interested to have a look at coworking spaces in Paris and in France. Check out Coworking Carte, the map gathering all the coworking spaces across the country, made by Bureaux a Partager, who are the leading commercial real estate directory in France and who recently started their own coworking chain called Morning Coworking which already has 12 workspaces around Paris.


Have you heard about Copass, the coworking pass letting you cowork from any of their partner location? Well, guess what? It started in Paris :) 

📻 Our friends at Remix Coworking have launched their own radio!
To listen to some nice 90’s music or some stories from their coworkers, click below!


Let’s meet again in a few weeks for some Indian travels! If some of you have Indian coworking stories to share, we want to hear them! Reach out to Pauline with any suggestions 🙏

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