Exploring “Coworking Milan” @ Talent Garden

Welcome desk @Talent Garden Milan Calabiano

Here is the recap

Day 1 of our journey to sunny Milan. As said on our last blog post, we decided to go to Milan to see how we could connect the coworking scene there to COWORKIES. We met 6 people from 5 very different spaces. Let’s start with day one!

We arrived in the brand new Talent Garden Milan-Calabiana with children eyes. From second one, we have been amazed and impressed by the simplicity and the beauty of every single detail.

Rasa, CMO of Talent Garden welcomed us and gave us a full tour of this impressive space. Indeed, located within a former industrial building, the space offers 8.500 m² on 2 levels. The international crowd evolving inside is a perfect combination showing what coworking spaces are able to gather under one roof. From startuppers, to freelancers. From Corporates to Schools. From Innovators to Scientists. We also discovered an amazing event space, able to welcome 1,000 people.

After the tour, Davide, co-founder of Talent Garden, joined us in the beautiful cafe and we told them all about COWORKIES.

Beautiful Cafe, serving daily fresh juices and yummy food.

Davide and Rasa also shared with us their vision on developing TAG as one of the prime coworking spaces in Europe. The experience of talking to people who are so committed to the coworking phenomenon was quite inspiring. It gave us the exact dose of energy and positivity we needed in this startup journey. We are happy to have Talent Garden as one of our very first partners and we are delighted to welcome their members on COWORKIES.

Our Talent Garden journey did not stop there. Indeed, the next day, after all our meeting, Rasa and Davide invited us to work from the coworking area. It was a great experience and we met inspiring people there that give us good leads to the coworking scene in Brazil.

Entrance of the coworking area

Before leaving, we took out our selfie stick and captured a cool moment with Rasa. Check it out:

Coworkies & Rasa x Talent Garden

Thanks again guys for having us !

Oh and by the way, if you look for us this summer, this is where the COWORKIES summer office will be

Around the pool of their rooftop terrace (no you are not dreaming).

Curious to read more about Talen Garden: www.talentgarden.org

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