[City Guide] Coworking spaces of Manhattan

by Coworkies.

Oh Manhattan, you and your almost infinite streets, you are so special! Getting to know you takes some effort, walking from south to north, west to east and back. You are so full of energy, people and opportunities. Walking along your streets feels like the world is ours and now is the time.

Full of your energy, we’ve walked everywhere to meet your coworking people. We met inspiring entrepreneurs building outstanding workspaces and communities. It is time for us to give back with a little coworking guide, full of energy and precious coworking discoveries

Coworking in FiDi

Bond Collective — Outstanding interior design combined with extraordinary people is the secret recipe of Bond Collective. 3 locations in Manhattan, 1 in Brooklyn and many more to come around US, nothing stops Shlomo and his team from creating unique coworking experiences for their members.

Bond Collective (Left) — The Primary (right)

The Primary — “Be well to work well” could be the motto of The Primary. Meet a coworking space where the focus is on you and your productivity, with an occasional yoga session!

// WHAT TO SEE AROUND FIDI // Pass by the Charging Bull and make sure to do a walk around the Harbor at night, it’s fantastic!

Coworking in Chinatown

BasedIn — Design minded professionals and companies have a home in New York and it’s called Based In: 2 floors of cosy and beautiful coworking combined with great people and great vibe. As its founder Thomas puts it, “It’s the safe haven for creatives!

Based In (Left) — Projective Space (right)

Projective Space — If you love space, bright work environment and diverse community, you will surely fall in love with Projective Space. Let James and his team guide you around the space and enjoy the time you will spend surrounded by people from all over the world! If you need a cool event space they got you covered too. We experienced it first hand!

// OUR SECRET SPOT IN CHINATOWN // V-Nam Café, probably the best Banh Mi we have ever eaten!

Coworking in SOHO

Con Artist— It IS an art gallery BUT a special one! The kind of art gallery where the exhibition space overlaps with the artists atelie and the community space. The best way to meet the community is to attend one of their Art Exhibition, which happens at least one Thursday a month.


Con Artist — copyrights Con Artist

The FarmNature in the middle of the Jungle! If you love organic design, The Farm is for you! Meet people with inspiring green businesses and unique stories! The big smile of Sancar will be your guide, he is the heart of the workspace and knows every little detail about it.

Impact Hub — THE place to be in town for all social innovators. Surround yourself with changers and doers who are shaping the sharing economy. Visit one of their many events to get a feel for the space an aks anyone from the team if you have questions regarding how to make it in NYC.

Impact Hub (left) — Cubico (right)

Cubico — Probably one of the most amazing view from on New York skyline is at Cubico’s top-floor terrace. It’s a brand new workspace focusing on closed offices. Just grow your team and build your business among other great entrepreneurs!

Fueled Collective — Not just an agency. Not just a coworking space but a coagency or an agenspace? Fueled Collective is a truly awesome concept! Get to work in the same office as one of the best mobile agency in town and surround yourself with the coolest startup people!

(Big +, don’t miss their first Thursday of the month event, it’s a great networking opportunity)

Fueled Collective
// GET LOST IN SOHO // Because it’s shopping time guys! While going around coworking spaces, make sure to check some of the cool shops around Soho.

Coworking in Greenwich Village

Sparklabs — Enter one of New York most international network. Meet Rabih and let him take you around their 2 beautiful locations! Don’t forget to subscribe to their weekly newsletter and stay up to date with their huge amount of events!

// WHAT’S AROUND GREENWICH VILLAGE // The one and only Joe’s pizza! Among the cheapest slices of pizza tried by almost all the celebrities.

Coworking in Chelsea

Knotel 17th street — Are you afraid of the administrative hustle behind having your own workspace? Meet Knotel — coworking next generation! Knotel designs unique headquarters for companies from 20 to 500 people and the brand keeps on expanding in New York and beyond.

Knotel (left) — Rise (right)

Rise — Fintech people, Rise is for you! Created by Barclay’s, it is a savant mix of coworking, events and acceleration program. The secret sauce to grow big :) (said by one of their members, check out his interview here)

The Yard — 27th street —Are you a fast growing company? The Yard is for you! Whether you are small or medium business, there is a room for you in one of the many locations of The Yard! Join their strong New York community and start growing your business without stressing about space.

The Yard (left) — Kettle Space (right)

Kettle Space —Who said coworking has to happen in an office? Not us! Kettle Space brings you a whole new way of coworking. No offices but only restaurants that are closed during the day. Super convenient if you need a space for a few hours or if you move around the city a lot, just ask @JonBStrong, who met us there with his cool startup stories.

Alley —Probably THE most visible New York coworking space online! If you read coworking articles about New York you have for sure read about Alley. We made a few stops there and from our experience we can recommend their Verizon event space. If you are a scale up, check NUMA, the french accelerator supporting businesses in expanding in US and don’t miss the chance to get connected to Interplay Ventures, a VC firm starting and funding startups.

Alley (left) — Voyager HQ (right)

Voyager HQ — Startups in the travel industry, Voyager HQ is your spot in NYC! Connect with fellow travel passionate and grow your business by sharing experiences and contacts! Connect to XXX who will make sure you have all you need in the space and get plugged in the community faster.

Paragraphs — Probably one of the most silent and cozy coworking space we’ve come across. There is a reason for it, Paragraphs focuses on providing a place to work for writers. The only sound you will hear is the sound of people typing on their keyboards :) The rest of the time you can spend in the cozy kitchen, a place for constant story sharing between the founder Joy and the rest of the writers.

Paragraph (left) — Civic Hall (right)

Civic Hall — Civic Hall is the homebase of Civitech startups in New York. Let them take care of you: from incubation, acceleration and growth, you are in VERY good hands to succeed and drive change in the civitech world!

// TO CHECK OUT IN CHELSEA // Take a walk on the high-line!

Coworking in NoMad

The Assemblage — Mindfulness at work has a new home! The Assemblage is one of the latest addition to NYC coworking scene and it is amazing! Everything is about experiencing life while growing your business. Power food, meditation, yoga, gong therapy are an infime part of what you can expect when you enter its premises. They also have an incredible events program, open to the public! Check it out and get yourself some mindful moments.

The Assemblage (left) — Blender Workspace (right)

Blender Workspace —Interior design lovers, your mouth will fall down at Blender Workspace! From the ceiling to the floor, everything is beautiful. It is the hotspot in town for lifestyle and wellness brands to meet, exchange and create together. Are you one of them? Check them out! The founder, Scott, made sure to have an amazing open event space where one can mingle with members and event attendees.

// WHILE IN NOMAD // Not just in NoMad but almost, check the Flatiron building close to 23rd street!

Coworking in Midtown East

Grand Central Tech — THE accelerator in town to achieve scale. Get impressed by their humongous network that goes far beyond their walls and connect with the coolest startups. Robinson is the person who makes everything happen in that space. From helping startups to helping foreign delegations to plug into the NYC ecosystem.

Grand Central Tech (left) — ERA (right)

ERA — Are you looking to make it in New York? Check the Entrepreneur roundtable accelerator and get access to seed capital, hands-on help and an expert team to positively impact the trajectory of your startup!

// NOT TO MISS AROUND MIDTOWN EAST // Go inside Grand Central and try to recall all the movies you know that have been filmed there.

Coworking in Upper East side

The Commons — Coworking for the locals of Upper East side! Say goodbye to commuting time and enjoy great coworking facility just next to your home. Time to make some new friends and collaborate with your neighbors :)

The Commons

Wow, we just did a lot of walking! But we are not done :) Stay tuned for our second chapter all about coworking in Brooklyn. Coming your way very soon.

// NOT TO MISS AROUND UPPER EAST SIDE // OK it is not EXACTLY in Upper East side but it was SOOO close and SOOO good that it is worth talking about it here. Seasoned Vegan, THE best vegan restaurant we’ve ever experienced. We recommend you to go there on the day of your birthday :)

And we are off to some new coworking adventures! Clap👏 👏 👏 if you liked our guide and comment if you have some other spaces to recommend!

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