Why are large companies and enterprises making the coworking plunge!

Coworking spaces are more than just an up and coming fad. Therefore, treating it with the same disdain as the much-touted juice diet or the ice-bucket challenge (#fail), will be indeed at your own peril. More to the point, large companies and corporations have now wakened long enough from their stupor to recognize and acknowledge the inherent benefits of coworking spaces, and have roundly encouraged their employees to feast on the exotic fruits freely made available there. Intrigued by it all? Let’s put you out of your misery!

Large companies and enterprises are fast catching up with coworking and making the shift. This is allowing broader perspectives, multiple opportunities to network and collaborative projects to flourish.

Welcome to 2017!
Many companies sorely need to be welcomed into the 21st century, and a co-working space can enable exactly this! As such, an introduction to co-working spaces and the start-up and entrepreneurial adrenaline rush that is safely settled in there can provide organisations with fresh ideas on how they can work better, get rid of the red tape, stay flexible, stay relevant and thereby embrace the business world in the present day.

Coworking spaces promote the startup and entrepreneurial culture by allowing members to interact with one another, network and grow.

Head hunter’s haven
At the last time of checking, coworking spaces around the world were teaming with up and coming thinkers and innovators. So much so, if your company, team or organisation is looking to hire new talent, a co-working space maybe a great place to start!

Coworking spaces makes hiring talent easy for companies. There is a huge pool of freelancers and independent consultants who would be willing to join your company if the opportunity is exciting.

Contagious buzz
Large organisations sometimes believe their own hype, and are therefore languorous in their approach, and only belatedly realise that their edge has been blunted. In stark contrast, co-working spaces are a hive of activity, with revolutionary ideas and innovations bouncing off the walls! Now, this energy is extremely contagious and could just as easily be captured and replicated by your own company, providing for a sleek beast, that’s sprightly and thinks on its feet!

When you see other teams and companies brainstorming, you automatically want to do the same and this is what coworking spaces promote. Furthermore, the space allows you to brainstorm and understand the perspective of other companies.

Best of both worlds
A co-working space miraculously combines some of the comforts of home with all the practicality of a work environment. In doing so, it is free of the distractions and clamour of home and office, as well as the browbeating glare of higher-ups, but not without the professional and solitary workspace you so crave for creative and strategic thinking and planning.

A coworking space is the right combination to hustle and relax. With breakout spaces and discussion booths, members can have lunch meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Network to increase net worth
Make desirable connections! The who’s who of the entrepreneurial world are comfortably contained within the walls of coworking spaces. Thus, it makes meeting new business people and establishing the right contacts a breeze! As a consequence, this could push your employees, and by association your company, to greater heights!

Networking is one major takeaway from coworking. Members can network with entrepreneurs, large enterprises and startups.

Down with the kids

Phew! Keeping up with the millennials (and everyone born after them) is a task and a half! Moreover, attracting this fresh, young energy to your organisation could be just the shot in the arm your company needs. But hey, these kids are not merely going to be satisfied with a decent desk job and the 9–5 grind. Therefore, including coworking spaces as part of your work culture will provide them with something that’s more down their street — replete with contemporary and modern workspaces, a great atmosphere, a less bureaucratic and dour space, and one that’s less stuffy and affords flexibility in spades. Now, I’m sure they’d be down with that!

The workforce of today requires more than just a cubicle and desk. They need recreational spaces, a bustling workspace and like-minded people to network with. Which is why most large companies are opting for coworking spaces for their remote teams.

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