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Newsletter | June

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the first edition of a newsletter by CP Massive Programming. I hope you had a month full of exciting and interesting projects, continual learning, and enriching tasks.

DevOps culture is becoming more and more relevant in the IT industry and the interest of developers in it continues to grow. Thus, it is particularly important these days to get more involved with Kubernetes and agile methods. Accordingly, I have collected a few articles on this topic below.

How I learned (and still learn) Site-Reliability-Engineering

Here you can find a small collection of books, learning-platforms, and websites to learn about DevOps culture, tools, and principles.

Setting Up a Kubernetes 1.23 Cluster using kubeadm on 3 Ubuntu Severs

Besides Docker, Kubernetes is gaining more and more importance in DevOps environments. Here is a small guide on how to set up your own cluster with kubeadm.

Software Agile Principles That Can Help in Real Life

Agile principles help us in our daily software work. But you can apply them just as well in your private life. This small collection describes how.

That should be it for this month. Until next time,

Itchimonji and the CP Massive Programming team.



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