Stable Coin Review — Tether (USDT)


As part of CP Processors’ series HOW STABLE COINS WORK , we are performing stablecoin reviews of chosen most notable and active stablecoins to day.

This is all part of our stablecoin initiative, done in the effort to further raise awareness on stablecoins in general, and help people understand how they work and what is their overall potential.

Our fifth review was performed on the stablecoin Tether (#USDT), no1 stablecoin by market cap. This review will clearly show main differences between this stablecoin and its top competitors.

Dear readers, this is the fifth of the active stablecoin reviews that we are performing. Hope you will find it useful. If you like it, feel free to clap! Also, comment if there is anything we forgot to mention in these reviews. We would love to hear your opinion.