2020 Cryptopay revenue stats.

Konstantin Gorin
Dec 31, 2020 · 2 min read

Welcome to our second annual revenue stats review!

It’s hard to avoid describing this unbelievable year in detail yet again, but we’ll do our best to focus mainly on what this year was to our revenue and your revenue share.

Last year we set a plan for 2020 to see us reach the January 2018 revenue levels. We’re proud to say that we’ve doubled Cryptopay revenue this year and achieved our goal by October, hoping in December to take our revenue to the next level — an all-time-high. And we’re positive that this is still only the beginning — next year should see us reaching new heights.

Here’s what we have seen this year (the December revenue is set to be higher than November’s, but we still need some time to finish our calculations and double-check everything):

As tradition goes, here’s also a chart for the ETH revenue share stats:

*December 2020 revenue share in ETH will be calculated later — by the time we are ready to publish the December 2020 Report.

Despite the fact that this year was full of turmoil, fear and uncertainty, we remained on course, month after month restructuring our internal processes, improving existing products and developing new features. This year we said goodbye to the Russian card programme and our beloved BuyNow.

In return, we’ve concentrated on honing our main products. At start focusing on card deposits, we’ve added automatic Recurring Purchases — a feature that allows you to buy automatically according to a chosen schedule. Furthermore, it is now possible to link up to 3 bank cards and unlink them manually, which has been a great success with our users as it allows to switch between the payments options easily. Next step — adding more supported currencies on both sides of the process: cards that are used for purchases and your Cryptopay accounts that offer you more coins to purchase.

We’ve also improved our wallet’s functionality with the focus on efficiency and security. For example, we revamped the way miner fee is calculated for crypto withdrawals — now it adapts to the network.

And of course, this year we finally managed to launch the European card programme (we are infinitely grateful to all our users for your faith and support). First, in the UK, then — in all other EEA countries. We can’t say the road wasn’t bumpy at times, but it was totally worth the wait and all that we’ve stumbled upon our way.

Per aspera ad astra!

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