August 2019 Report & Analysis

Konstantin Gorin
Sep 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Without any doubt, Summer 2019 was one hell of a crazy ride, but as the heatwave subsides, it’s time to start making long-term plans and prepare for what the future holds for us. And even though the yield is a tad more modest this time, we’re still satisfied. Let’s look at the figures.

The Numbers

Total August 2019 revenue: € 242,766
August 2019 Revenue share: € 24,277
Share per 100 CPAY: € 0.027
Distribution date: September 6th, 2019


August 2019 was a stormy month for BTC — it began with a recovery from the end-of-July drop back to almost $12,000 levels, then continued with a gradual correction down to $9,500 and now we see the price rising again. Such dynamics are very interesting for short-term speculations and also give an opportunity to buy in, hodl long and prosper.

Our customers were rather cautious during the past month, so the number of transactions and average check returned back to June 2019 levels. Cryptopay’s revenue decreased by 15% in comparison to July 2019 mainly due to the B2C part — B2B merchants only went down in volumes by a slight 5%. Generally, August 2019 was a very calm month with no significant developments either in the market or in the company’s customer base or services.

End of summer-beginning of autumn is the time when we delve deeper still into the development processes — and concentrate on modification and perfection. We’re focused on polishing our processes and integrated with an amazing team specializing in user feedback, hence our support is now equipped with an outstanding tool to escalate any piece of feedback to our development team, marketing team or product team. We’re positive this will bring a lot of new options to improve. It’s all about quality, rather than quantity. Being seemingly a rather quiet couple of months, it’s by no means a respite, and we hope to go big and loud in the nearest future, so you can expect more news, achievements and other pleasant surprises in the upcoming weeks.

The start of September also means that it’s time to get down to the annual plan for 2020. And oh boy, does it promise to be impressive! Our B2B department especially is very busy discussing and evaluating their new development plan, which, quite ambitiously, hopes to double the clientele and the revenue in the following year. Will they stop at that? Only time will tell.

If you have any questions or any feedback you’d wish to share with us regarding our August performance or any other detail of our service — don’t hesitate to contact us through the live chat on the website or via our Telegram chats!

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Konstantin Gorin

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The CPay Foundation Blog

News and Opinions on Bitcoin & Blockchain

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