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December 2020 Report & Analysis

It’s time to revisit the last month of a rather peculiar year. Come and join us!


Total December 2020 revenue: €1,016,751
December 2020 Revenue share: €101,675
Share per 100 CPAY: €0.112
December 2020 Revenue share in ETH: 115.9219 ETH
Distribution date: January 13th, 2021


No matter how rough 2020 could feel at times — for the crypto community, it went out with a bang. Trading at $7,300 at the beginning of last January, BTC finished the year just a few dollars short of $29k. The rapid growth has continued vigorously into 2021 until it crescendoed at $41k a week later. Since then the coin has managed to fall back a notch and is now retracing its steps back to $35k along with its lifelong counterpart Ether, who had a very similar experience of growing by 750% in the span of a single year and then also falling victim to a particularly nasty crash.

The latter doesn’t seem to be tied to any particular event, though — rather, it’s a sign of a healthy market when investors decide that it’s time to pull out and take profit whilst the getting is still good. But the hodlers will undoubtedly hodl, and it will create a curious dynamic for our next report we’re so looking forward to.


There’s not much to say — except, we reached 1 million. A highly anticipated number, which can be largely attributed to external factors, such as the exhilarated state of the market and the exchange rates, of course. However, we do take pride in knowing that so many decided to live this experience with us. If the strength is in numbers, the number of our users — the old ones who choose us over and over again and the new ones who’ve just put their faith in us — is definitely just as important as the BTC value, no matter how spectacular it might be. And if in January 2021, the market, and we are reverting to quieter results, we’ll continue working on Cryptopay to make it the place for everyday use because it caters to your basic needs, but also the place where you go to make history, just as we saw in December 2020.

Both B2C and B2B saw a 20+% rise. It’s a tie. For B2C — there’s a notable interest in bank deposits with subsequent exchange to cryptocurrencies as well as in bank withdrawals with prior exchange to fiat, which makes sense given the growing adoption of cryptocurrency.

The number of the C.Pay cardholders grows — slowly but surely — with every passing day. While we’re still shy of our first 10,000 issued cards, we’re getting there.

And while December is always a goldmine for our B2B team and the growth here was only to be expected — Christmas shopping is a serious business, after all — they’re still the best, and we love them. This year they will be concentrating on safety, stability and fault-tolerance above all, but also, hopefully, will have an exhibition or two to look forward to.

And we’ll be concentrating on making the life of a Cryptopay user much simpler! How’s that for a New Year’s resolution?

More on it very soon!

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