February 2020 Report & Analysis

Alyona Shepilova
Mar 10, 2020 · 2 min read

Looking at the latest price developments of BTC, it seems that the world entire is trying to figure out whether they mean the end of the uptrend. We’re not so sure. However, with the steady growth of revenue and the card launch drawing nearer, it’s hard not to be optimistic. Let’s look at the numbers.

The Numbers

Total February 2020 revenue: € 424,851
February 2020 Revenue share: € 42,485
February 2020 Revenue share in ETH: 242.3842 ETH
Share per 100 CPAY: € 0.047
Distribution date: March 10th, 2020


February 2020 saw a steady rise of BTC: reaching the $10,500 mark, it settled comfortably at the $9,600 level. However, the first full week of March 2020, BTC closed at just $8,024, after experiencing a shocking 10% drop and a new weekly low not seen since January 2020 when the asset traded below $8,000. Until the recent dip, we have been observing a rising BTC price trend since the beginning of the year when the market broke out from a long downtrend.

Nevertheless, some experts say that the most recent BTC price retracement still does not mean that the positive trend is over. For example, in his recent tweet about the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the potential market reaction, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao reminded the public that the last two times BTC had a dramatic surge just beforehand. The next BTC halving will take place in May 2020. As the result of the halving, the number of bitcoins generated with every new block decreases, which may bring quite an uplift in BTC price again.


Slowly but surely Cryptopay continues its 2020 growing revenue trend: the total income of the company has increased by 4% in comparison to January 2020 with B2B division making the most of February 2020’s success.

The past month we’ve been closely following the ePayment situation. Having welcomed a number of newcomers interested in trying out our Russian card programme, perhaps it’s only fair to assume that what we see here — at least, partly — is migration from the service temporarily blocked by the FCA. You can watch an interview with a Cryptopay co-founder George where he comments on the topic of ePayments — amongst other things — on Forklog’s youtube channel here->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeFdb7Tdzcg&t=89s (in Russian).

Our B2B team participated in ICE 2020 during the first days of February 2020: as always they brought in new leads, prospective clients and tons of new connections that would support the ambitious goal for significant growth that the B2B division has set for the upcoming year.

And of course, we’ll be ready to share more information on the upcoming card programme in a separate blog post in the following days. See you soon in our next digest!

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