How to build a financial service with a human face

Our Customer support team, the one our clients love so much, turns four years old this year. We’ve decided to give you some insight on the inner workings of this top notch team. Take a look at how we’ve accomplished such outstanding results, and maintained a service millions of people visit on a daily basis.

What’s perhaps most remarkable is that we’ve achieved the best customer support in the cryptocurrency market with a small, but fully capable team.

Butterfly named George

Four years ago Cryptopay served a small segment of a very young and emerging market. Every insight was precious and as a result the company owners personally communicated with clients via the livechat. They had no guides, no scenarios to follow, nothing like that.

They were just talking to people like people do all while trying to understand the service and who it was built for. Our old employees still remember our first clients by their names and we’re proud of that.

Sometimes we knew that we were walking on thin ice. The conventional philosophy in regards to customer support for financial services consists of seriousness and formality. Informal conversation could lead the client to believe that we’re not committed and not to be trusted. We were building a future and believed that there’s no place for an officious attitude and ties.

Once a client asked George, our founder, on the livechat what our limits were (our client, obviously meant debit card usage limits). “The sky is the limit” — our founder answered. Usually you would stop using a bank that allows things like that, but this was the dawn of fintech, we were writing our own rules, and people liked it. This flap of the butterfly’s wings brought us to an idea of how we wanted our support team to perform.

The name of the game

As time passed, our service grew more and more popular, and the number of requests overwhelmed our modest team.

The company now faced an exciting challenge. We had to find new support agents, teach them to work in the same rhythm we had been using, all while maintaining the company’s personal touch.

We made a decision not to divide support between first level and others. Every single support agent is supposed to be a universal soldier, ready to answer any question, and solve any problem from A to Z. Today, interaction within the support department is fully horizontal. Fresh ideas of a newcomer can easily outshine a more experienced employee.

All of our internal on-boarding materials hardly have any strict rules. There are recommendations, but these are only guidelines. If the situation or common sense dictates that the rules must be bent, then they can be. Here are some examples of the recommendations:

  • No one should be left without answer (we don’t ignore clients)
  • Jokes are appropriate, but not at a client’s expense (we don’t mock)
  • Сourtesy is crucial (we are polite and accommodating)
  • Sympathy is crucial (we are always on the client’s side)
  • The answer must be quick (we never keep you waiting)

There are only a few rules everyone has to follow, commandments as we like to call them. The most important of which is that our support agents are forbidden to lie to clients, no matter the situation. In general, we ask newcomers to understand our products and services inside and out, but how they explain them is up to our agents.

In order to consistently provide world class service, we need more than just support agents, we need superheroes. People who can teach themselves all about the technical and financial aspects of our service, and of course, the blockchain.

Crème de la crème

We don’t want to provide the typical formalities associated with customer support found in other companies. People with previous experience in support are used to such style of work. We want our team to consist of talented and thoughtful people, ones who share the same values and ideas as our company. Head hunting is the foundation that our support team is built on. The head of our support department is fully in control of the recruitment process, from going through CVs to personal interviews and test tasks.

In 2017, we looked at 1368 CVs, tested 252 candidates, had 29 people go through our trial period, and yet only 20 of them are now a part of the support team. We have truly taken the cream of the crop. This is a close-knit team of people who can overcome any barrier. A single entity, made up of a diverse range of people. People have come to us from various realms of expertise. They were economists, lawyers, linguists, and even a film director!

When you contact Cryptopay, you not only get qualified help, but also a personable and empathetic agent who is here to help you each and every step of the way.

On top of all of that, we’re not only limited to English. Our team also speaks Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian and even Chinese. We’re always happy to talk in your language.

Freedom to influence

Cryptopay is constantly evolving. The industry is constantly changing, and to keep up we are always adapting our methods and thinking of better ways to improve. This is why your feedback is so important to us. We wouldn’t be able to see every little corner of the website if it wasn’t for our clients.

Our support agents analyse and check feedback from millions of our clients, test the service for themselves and are ready to discuss everything with our development team.

We grow and adapt to client requests all the time, implement new services, move buttons and entire tabs, or even change the logic of the product itself.

Cryptopay’s continuing progress is a result of the work of our developers, IT-Specialists, designers, support agents and, of course, our clients. Everyone plays their part.

Looking forward

Our next challenge is to make the support of a decentralised service, as equally decentralised.

We will look at increasing our geographical sphere of recruitment, by not limiting ourselves to our brick and mortar locations. We’re truly expanding into a global service that unites people from all over the world, while keeping the aspects of our company that have made us what we are today.

Thanks for being with us and don’t hesitate to write to us, we’re always happy to talk!