January 2021 Report & Analysis

Konstantin Gorin
Feb 17 · 3 min read

All-time highs, underdogs and grandiose plans — just a few things we’ll be covering in our latest report. Care to join us?


Total January 2021 revenue: €1,264,534
January 2021 Revenue share: €126,453
Share per 100 CPAY: €0.140
January 2021 Revenue share in ETH: 85.5334 ETH
Distribution date: February 11th, 2021


You get used to good things quickly. A year ago, Bitcoin traded under $10k; today its price has reached a staggering $46.5K. And it is impressive, without a doubt, but at the same time hardly surprising anymore, especially taking into account the latest developments in the field (namely, Tesla Inc. buying $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and its plans to start accepting the coin as a payment method in the near future). And that’s exactly the level of confident prosperity where it can become a bit boring for an idle spectator. No wonder the public attention is on the lookout for other awe-inspiring stories.

For example, have you been following the curious affair of Dogecoin? Dogecoin, a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that was started as a joke some seven years ago, is finally having its day in the limelight. Thanks to the affectionate support of a prominent Twitter resident, a certain Elon Musk, the coin has risen more than 2500% in the last six months, jumping from its habitual $0.0025 to a much more opportunistic $0.07.

Unlike Bitcoin, however, there’s no upper limit on the number of dogecoins, which wouldn’t normally work in favour of its value, but as we can see the cryptocurrency world doesn’t quite obey the normal laws of supply and demand. No, it doesn’t function like that. Here it seems that every underdoge can aspire to become the people’s champion. Much wow indeed.


For Cryptopay, January 2021 was not boring at all. While B2B revenue has increased by 5%, the B2C revenue has almost doubled.

In comparison with December 2020, internal exchanges have tripled; the number of crypto sales with the subsequent withdrawal of fiat has increased by 50%, as did the number of crypto purchases (both via card deposits and bank transfers). We blame the all-time highs and feral volatility.

The card programme is continuing to grow: while the pace of new orders stays practically the same, the average spend saw a dramatic increase in comparison with the previous months.

Is it too late for resolutions?

One of our major goals for 2021 is to grow the number of monthly active users. All our employees (special attention to product teams) will be working on improving the already-existing products and adding new features to meet a very specific objective. The bar has been set high, so this should prove to be an eventful year.

We’ll be also working on our business model and infrastructure to make them more reliable and efficient. There should be quite a few announcements of new partnerships, licences and integrations by Q3 of 2021.

And if the market and Cryptopay continue to perform so outstandingly, it won’t be outrageous at all to take out the world map and pin a couple of places for potential offices? In these times, a new office does feel like a treat.

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