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March 2018 Revenue Report & Analysis

Apr 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Welcome to the second report and analysis of Cryptopay’s monthly revenue. At the beginning of each month we will release a monthly report containing the figures of Cryptopay’s revenue for the past month, the 10% that is distributed to investors, the amount of revenue per 100 CPAY, and the date that we’ll distribute said revenue. The second part of the report will give an analysis as to why the numbers are what they are, and then provide a brief outlook for the near future.

The numbers:

Total revenue: 453,247 EUR

Revenue share: 45,325 EUR

Share per 100 CPAY: 0.05 EUR

Distribution date: April 5th, 2018


In comparison to February, the total revenue increased by 70%, with the absence and subsequent development of the new card programme, we’re truly getting the most out of all of the other products that we offer. According to Bitstamp, the USD/BTC rate of March was lower than that of February with the rates being $8,985 and $9,394 respectively. Nonetheless our customer base managed to grow and benefited on an increased transactional volume. During the second half of March, users increased their investments in BTC anticipating a pullback of the market. Many cryptocurrency experts see a good buying opportunity for the long-term, and we at Cryptopay hope that their forecast is correct.

Cryptopay’s B2B merchant processing remains one of the biggest revenue streams and the numbers of March reflect this. It’s volume has gone up compared to February, but it also suffered a decline to the decreased exchange rate. All in all, the B2B revenue was at the same level in EUR as it was during February.

Our customers’ BTC transfer and exchange transactions contributed to nearly all of the growth of revenue in March. Cryptopay offers a smooth and transparent process with fair exchange rates in comparison to most of our competitors and our users recognise that.

Our relatively new products like Buying BTC and LTC with a credit card, LTC wallet, and Gift Cards are all performing differently. While Buy BTC/LTC with a CC has showed some great progress with almost 50% growth on a monthly basis. The revenue stream from our Gift Cards is unfortunately declining, having said that, we are now working on a new marketing strategy and we hope this will reverse the current trend. The LTC wallet is now in its infancy as a product and we are looking forward to adding additional cryptocurrencies to our wallet. The first in line is Ripple, with others following suit soon thereafter. Stay in the loop about all of our updates and development progress on our new & improved ICO web page.

Future outlook:

The launch of the card programme remains our highest priority, and we still expect this to be fully functional in Q2 2018. Once the cards rejoin our service we are optimistic that our revenue growth will return to the forecasted levels we had before the cessation of the card programme. This will also allow us to fully concentrate on the development of new products.

We’ve been frequently updating the post-ICO webpage which has in turn fostered more transparency for CPAY holders, and we’re going to include some additional information about team, several interviews with different team leads, and one new hire in our management. We expect that we’ll be able to share all of the the aforementioned news and developments with the community on this page during this coming month.

When speaking of the overall revenue forecast for April 2018 we are still tightly dependent on the cryptocurrency market behaviour for the upcoming month. If the market remains stable, Cryptopay will continue its gradual growth. It is also absolutely necessary to understand that panic pumps or dips of the BTC rate may either boost our revenue, as was the case in March 2018, or adversely affect the revenue like in February 2018. Our fresh products are obviously going to bring additional income along with the development of new ones in Q2 2018. However, it is paramount to understand that we are strongly dependent on the global market situation and trends.

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