May 2019 Report & Analysis

Konstantin Gorin
Jun 7, 2019 · 3 min read

May 2019 has been an absolute roller coaster for the cryptocurrency world, with bitcoin stealing the spotlight yet again. As for us, it has been quite a pleasant ride — developing products and holding AMAs. And what came out of it, you can see down below. Let’s look at the numbers.

The Numbers

Total May 2019 revenue: € 222,421
May 2019 Revenue share: € 22,242
Share per 100 CPAY: € 0.025
Distribution date: June 7th, 2019


May 2019 offered another exciting month for crypto-markets — it proved to be another mega bullish month for the price of BTC and majority of altcoins. After hitting the $6,000 level at the beginning of the month, BTC price added $1,400, gaining a 23% increase and topping $7,400 for the first time since August 2018. By the way, a gentle and humble reminder, Cryptopay’s revenue has grown almost twice since August 2018. As we now know, it was only the beginning — in the middle of May, BTC reached as high as $8,306 and already half a month later (on May 30th) BTC broke above the $9,000 threshold.

We’re proud to say that Cryptopay’s revenue has finally overcome €200k threshold for the month and we hope to see and support this trend even further. It’s remarkable that this time the increase hasn’t been brought by B2B services alone (they have increased by a healthy 5%) but is rather a result of Cryptopay’s B2C products’ growth. Wallet services are 40% up, card deposits +60% and the revenue from our Russian card programme has almost doubled — all in comparison to April 2019. Another good thing about Cryptopay’s B2C products is that the active user base has become 50% bigger than in the previous month — this is partly due to the re-activation of past wallet customers and partly because of new-joiners. A really good month to jump into the summer pursuing new heights and expecting the card launch.

B2C Updates

Last time we promised you more news on widely anticipated GBP bank transfers. Sadly, we were not able to implement and launch this feature in May, but June is surely the month this will happen. The infrastructure for GBP bank deposits and withdrawals has been set and tuned with the bank (new company’s partner) — we’re completing last cosmetic changes and proofreading all legal documents necessary to launch the service.

As for other B2C updates, we’ve provided most of them during the AMA with one of the company’s founders George that we held in our Telegram chats (both English and Russian) — use #AMAstart to find the beginning of the AMA and check all questions and answers for yourself!

Once we have more news for you, especially about cards for Europe (EEA), we’ll immediately let you know!

B2B Updates

Our stellar B2B service keeps growing and attracting new clients, May was quite rich in regards to improvements and releases. Our team is continuously working on developing the products and increasing their usability and security — a number of updates were deployed during May 2019 and more have already been introduced in the current month.

Currently, our B2B team is preparing for the upcoming Disrupting Online Gambling Event in London with several other public events following that during summer. If you’re gonna be there and are looking forward to meeting us there — let us know! We’ll keep you posted on the news that comes from all these happenings.

May has passed, but if you have any questions about our company’s performance — you’re free to leave your comments below!

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The CPay Foundation Blog

News and Opinions on Bitcoin & Blockchain

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