August 2018 Revenue Report & Analysis

Our revenue report and analysis is here, and keeping with tradition we’re breaking down the past month’s revenue, while showing the entire amount, the 10% that is distributed to token holders, and the amount of revenue per 100 CPAY. As always, we’ll close this piece out with our outlook for the future.


August’s revenue in comparison to July’s is 19% lower, despite this we continue to stay positive because these times won’t last long due to some very promising products that are to launch within the coming weeks. An explaining factor for the drop is that a significant B2B customer, the same one whose volumes had been gradually declining during the past months, has finally terminated operations.

Generally speaking, all the revenue from individual customers stayed on the same level as in July 2018. The price fluctuation across all cryptocurrencies was quite savage during August 2018, so we have seen customers actively buying and selling during the past month.

The Numbers

Total August 2018 Revenue: € 107,786

August 2018 Revenue Share: € 10,779

Share per 100 CPAY: € 0.01

Distribution date: September 7th, 2018

Future Outlook

Looking forward, our B2B team has successfully on-boarded 2 corporate clients. In the closing days of August, they finished all the paperwork and officially joined us, and we are optimistic about their contribution to our revenue. Their influence will be felt next month and we expect them to positively contribute a significant amount of money to this pipeline. They are major players in their respective spheres, having over 50 websites under their influence. Also, we’re releasing an updated and refined B2B service for our clients and the testing period will begin next week.

We’re particularly happy to announce the start of a brand new service within Cryptopay. Our team has worked quickly and diligently to bring a new solution for buying cryptocurrency with your personal debit/credit cards and unveiled Buy Crypto Now. Through this feature, users can literally verify themselves and purchase BTC and ETH in several clicks — we practically doubled this revenue stream in comparison to July 2018.

Another much-desired complement to the Cryptopay wallet is the implementation of ETH. The second most popular cryptocurrency is expected to be launched the following week. What’s more is the ETH price is now going through its worst times for the year and we are looking forward to our customers purchasing it because right now is a great buy opportunity.

The return of Cryptopay’s prepaid cards is imminent, with the first being our upcoming Russian card programme. We are entering the end of the test period and we expect the cards to be available to the general public very soon. They are available to citizens and residents of the Russian Federation and are available for pre-order now. We’ve received a lot of pre-orders and we’re optimistic about the cards positive effect on the revenue stream, so stay tuned!