Welcome to a Diversified Digital Assets Portfolio

As it becomes more obvious that cryptocurrency and blockchain are going to be a mainstay of the financial landscape, so many aspects of the traditional financial world have begun to seep into cryptocurrency. The most apparent is definitely exchanges. Another, more contentious aspect, is the emergence of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which have proved to be a valid alternative for various tech startups to acquire funding and have allowed them to begin developing much-needed platforms and products for the market.

Regardless of your opinion on the aforementioned platforms they have broken down the barriers that are typically commonplace in “normal finance.” They have allowed people to trade and invest by themselves, for better or for worse. The latest staple of traditional finance to drive its way into cryptocurrency are diversified portfolios, but with digital assets, and Cryptopay has hopped on board.

Navigating an Uncertain World

Becoming successful in the world of cryptocurrency takes a substantial amount of time and effort. It goes a lot further than just buying BTC or ETH and just praying and “hodling.” There are other strategies a person can take, other than sitting back and hoping for the best. Being active and in turn successful with your cryptocurrency is time-consuming and requires a certain degree of familiarity with the market. First, you’d have to research about different altcoins. Then, buy the ones that you feel fit your needs the best and then be active on various exchanges. However, to anyone who has a full-time job or any other obligations, will typically find themselves using the first strategy, which a lot of the time, doesn’t pan out well.

We here at Cryptopay have come up with a solution and are happy to announce that we will begin providing diversified digital assets portfolios. Two huge trends in the financial world have become more commonplace in the past five years, cryptocurrencies and acquiring diversified asset portfolios through the use of indices.

The Basics

The nature of a diversified portfolio inherently reduces the volatility of the market because you aren’t dependent on just one cryptocurrency’s performance, but up you’ll have the ability to choose a portfolio that consists from two to twenty currencies. What’s more is that our system tracks the best rates across different exchanges so no need for you to micromanage your cryptocurrencies across different platforms, however, Cryptopay’s digital assets portfolio is unique beside these two attributes.

Features of the Digital Assets Portfolio

  • Invest with one click within your Cryptopay Account
  • Track its performance easily in your account
  • The portfolio is market weighted, with each currency subject to a 20% cap
  • It will rebalance every month
  • Easily withdraw your funds and convert them to other crypto or fiat currencies

There you have it, we’re beyond excited to integrate this latest feature into the larger Cryptopay platform. Stop by our digital assets portfolio page to get a feel for our latest project and sign up for the mailing list to get the latest updates and developments. More news about this is sure to come, so stay tuned.