What can you buy on Samsung’s Crypto Wallet?

If you’ve been keeping up with cryptocurrency related news lately, you may have heard some rumors of a Samsung Cryptocurrency. Not quite, Samsung have released a Cryptocurrency Wallet called the Samsung Blockchain wallet.

The Samsung Blockchain Wallet offers users the ability to store and receive cryptocurrency and aims to make the transaction process simple and user-friendly.

So what can you buy?
Since this new wallet is linked to Samsung Pay (a digital payment application) it’s estimated that 10 million users will get access to the Samsung Blockchain wallet. The wallet will be compatible with Ethereum and Ethereum derived tokens and will also be compatible with two crypto-tokens; Enjin Coin and Cosmee. Enjin Coin is linked to Enjin which is a gaming platform and Cosmee is a cosmetics token. The wallet will interface with two apps; CoinDuck which is a payment portal and Crypto Kitties which is a collectible/game system.

Surprisingly the Samsung Blockchain Wallet will not be compatible with Bitcoin, which is arguably the most well-known and marketable cryptocurrency.

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