Alisha Adetoro
Mar 26 · 3 min read

Cryptocurrencies hit the world by storm since the introduction of Bitcoin back in 2008. Now, thousands of people trading these digital tokens daily.

Star signs tell a lot of someone’s personality so you might be wondering what your sign says about how you trade cryptocurrencies. Luckily, we’ve looked at the cryptocurrency market and the “heavens” to provide you with an answer.

Just like any astrological prediction, you should know that nothing celestial bodies say is set in stone. Hence, this shouldn’t be read as advice on trading cryptocurrencies. Got it?

Let’s get on with it then, shall we?

We all know Capricorns as the conservative and ambitious ram; independent and disciplined. So, when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, they can be a bit cautious; calculating their every move and finding the right coin and time to invest as well as when to sell out.

Now, Aquarius’ can be an interesting bunch. An aquarius is known to be friendly yet rebellious and eccentric. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, their traits also come into play. They tend to trade in an unconventional way; investing more in the cryptocurrency market when others might suggest it’s time to “run.” Basically, an Aquarius would rather go left when others are going right. Plus they mostly invest for the thrill of it.

Pisces, the selfless, empathetic and classic zodiac. These will stick to trading a particular cryptocurrency no matter what; they can be a bit of a martyr once they have their mind made up. Technically, Pisces are faithful to a fault, and that also translates when it comes to their finances and trading.

The fearless leader of the star signs; Aries. You can liken them to Bitcoin, the coin that started it all. When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, Aries tend to be impatient and often act on impulse. A little rise in a token and you’ll see them investing in it.

Being headstrong, Taurus does what it wants to do, no matter what other people say. However, they tend to be ambitious and reliable, which is also applicable when they trade cryptocurrencies. No matter the predictions brought about the cryptocurrency market, Taurus would rather do their own analysis of the market to which coins to trade. And, they also do this in a lucrative and reliable way. They are practical and logical thinkers.

So, how does the youthful, impulsive, and restless Gemini trade cryptocurrency? Well, they are known to be notoriously terrible with money; they can rush into trading a coin and end up regretting it.

Now, this is a sentimental one. Cancer is known to be hard-shelled and private; they would rather trade the coins that are not all over the news. However, they somehow still stay connected to Bitcoin but keep their movements very quiet.

The drama queen of the zodiac, Leo can make impulsive choices when trading. Plus, they love a good old rivalry. They’ll do anything they can do to make it to they top. They’ll be up late at night researching and would rather trade coins that are trying to beat other top coins, for instance, Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin. They take great delight in being the black horse.

Virgo is known to be humble and hardworking. Plus, they like to run things smoothly in the background. So, they would rather trade coins that act as a backbone for other altcoins. They can be headstrong at times, but will always have a “logical” reason for it.

Libras are all about coordination and harmony. They always have notifications on their phone and check their accounts every hour. Once they are committed to the cause of investing, they endeavor to see it through to the end and make it work.

The Scorpio doesn’t care what people think. A Scorpio would rather trade a cryptocurrency like Monero that is completely anonymous than follow the grain. Scorpios are known to make very bold moves, moves that at times no one else quite understands, but a Scorpio has a vision…well, their vision — and somehow it always seems to work out in the end.

Sagittarius are prone to wanderlust. Hence, this curious and energetic zodiac is a traveler. So, they tend to “test the waters” when trading cryptocurrency. And, they stick to the crypto market no matter what people say.

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The CPay Foundation Blog

News and Opinions on Bitcoin & Blockchain

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