Which languages are most helpful for business growth in 2019?

Melissa Adams
Mar 11 · 4 min read

Amidst losing weight and making more money, learning a new language made the top 10 list of our New Year’s Resolutions at the start of 2019.

Learning a new language goes beyond having good, enriching conversations with people across the pond; it opens the door for potential partnerships and new business.

With flexible working on the rise and Millenials being the start-up generation, there’s never been a better time to learn a new language.

Here at Cryptopay, we have customers from across the globe and still counting. Similarly, our team of staff comprise of professionals who collectively speak more than 12 different languages, so we know first-hand the power and benefit of language.

Understanding common languages for business allows you to understand the requirements of your clients globally, as well as locally, and allows you to get a deeper insight into the business world.

If you are restricted to your native language, your communications are limited to your local clientele. After all, there are approximately 6,500 languages spoken in the world today.

Granted, many of these languages aren’t popular worldwide (around 2,000 of those languages aren’t spoken by more than 1,000 people), so we’ve listed some of the top languages that, if learned, could be very helpful for your business growth and development.

Mandarin Chinese — “The Business Language of the Future”
Mandarin is one of the most common languages spoken throughout the world. There are roughly one billion natives who speak Mandarin Chinese which covers a 2:1 ratio to English speakers.

Mandarin is also the most common language in China which is also the second largest country economically. Business in China continues to grow rapidly with technology and fabric industries on the rise, being able to communicate with business men and women in China could be an essential part of your business growth. China’s Education Center is a popular platform used to learn the Mandarin Chinese language with online lessons and support.

German — “The European Business Language”
The German language is a widely spoken language within Western Europe. With a population of more than 80 million people, Germany has one of the largest European economies. It’s not just limited to Germany either; German, with some variations, is spoken by millions of people across the world including Austria, Switzerland, and some parts of Eastern Europe. There’s no surprise then, that German is one of the top ten most spoken languages in the world.

For learning the German language each day, you can choose Duo lingo who offer personalized learning in a fun way with 5-minute lessons and segments.

Arabic — “The Gateway to the Middle East”
There are around 300 million native Arabic speakers and the Arabic language ranks fifth worldwide. It serves as a gateway into the business world where only Arabic is spoken by businessmen and women. Arabic is both a challenging yet impressive language that provides you a competitive edge as it’s not always the second language that entrepreneurs from Europe and the US decide to learn first. There are uncapped business opportunities in the Middle East so understanding Arabic, even to a conversation level, would be very helpful.

For podcasts and Audio, you can choose Arabicpod101 to learn Arabic. It offers an excellent YouTube channel for learning Arabic lessons. For online Arabic courses, many students choose Live Lingua which offers audio material along with the course books.

Spanish — “The Language of the Fastest Growing American Market Segment”
Spanish is spoken by native and non-native speakers which covers around 420 million people. It is a widely spoken language within 44 countries. Spanish is the world’s most commonly spoken language in America as well as Europe.

The Spanish language is useful in mass media and management fields where there are millions of professionals in such industries, especially within Latin communities. It is one of the most useful languages in the business world especially within the US. Italki is a great online platform for learning Spanish with one-on-one tutors who offer lessons on video chat.

To attain success globally, it is important to connect with people across the world and there are many online platforms that will help you do so via learning a new language. Are you learning a new language this year? If so let us know which language in the comments below.

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