Why lawmakers in Colorado are urging for Blockchain Technology

Melissa Adams
Mar 19 · 2 min read

Could this be the year that blockchain takes over the world? Potentially, we have been singing blockchain’s praises for a long while now and it seems that mainstream industries are catching on to its incredible uses.

More specifically, the agricultural industry are looking into what Blockchain technology’s peer-to-peer network could mean for them. Lawmakers in Colorado, the U.S. State, are currently making changes to allow for this technology to be utilised in their agricultural operations.

It is reported that 4 representatives from Colorado filed a bill (bipartisan house bill 1247) suggesting the commissioner of the Department of Agriculture puts together an advisory group to study the potential uses for Blockchain technology in agricultural operations.

One of the greatest uses of blockchain technology in this particular field is the ability for companies to trace their products at every stage of the process; from the farm right up until their time on the shelf.

Having complete control and access to the records for production and even the transportation equipment used for specific goods will be studied by the group.

The group will also look into how they can verify data and certification of organic products whilst tracking and ordering resources including fertilizers and seeds.

In particular, the advisory group are keen to investigate the tracking of products such as coffee, meat, milk, fish and more.

When will this be introduced?
The advisory group will be reporting back to the general assembly with their suggestions and feedback by Jan 15, 2020.

More and more industries are warming to the idea of blockchain and we’re all here for it! Can you think of any other industries that would benefit greatly from blockchain technology? Let us know.

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