Melissa Adams
Mar 4 · 3 min read

Digital Marketing company Tradedoubler have just announced the launch of a new blockchain-based ad network which is a keen topic among the crypto industry and has peaked the interest of the Digital Marketing crowd.

We may be about to witness the traditional relationship between publishers and advertisers completely change as a result of what has been described a a “revolutionary idea” from a Digital Marketing firm based in Sweden.

What is Tradedoubler?
Tradedoubler is a Sweden-based Digital Marketing network company. This company have pioneered affiliate networking and offer search marketing services like SEO and ad network services. They are currently one of the first companies to offer a network and technology solution.

Their history…
Founded in 1999 by Felix Hagno and Martin Lorentzian, Tradedoubler have quickly grown in numbers over the years and was listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange in 2005. This network ad company operates in around 69 countries with more than 400 employees. They boast having more than 180,000 website publishers, and an estimated number of 2,500 advertisers.

What can this new Blockchain Ad network do?
This ad network will be built on blockchain technology, with the aim of connecting advertisers and publishers. The decentralized data storage will enable transparent interactions between advertisers and publishers. It is reported that this new platform will utilise blockchain technology to carefully store this business data between partners.

Is it functioning right now?
Not yet, it is set to launch on 20th of March 2019, and additional functions of this ad network blockchain technology will be introduced and phased in at a later part of the year.

Sounds great, how does it work?
Essentially, customers will be able to integrate the network with their own products and services, they can also develop their own business applications on already existing ones. In the publisher’s interface you will see a range of features such as “product feeds”, “deep link generators”, an active support system and a streamlined report generator. It is hoped that firms will be able to make faster decisions to increase their revenues with this new platform.

What are the benefits of this system?
It is hoped that work flow will be easier and faster, saving time and energy.
According to Tradedoubler, one of their biggest aims is to improve collaboration within the marketing industry. All going well, this platform should improve the accessibility and transparency of transactional data, which will eliminate fraud and allow for the development of new functionalities around payments, reporting, and attribution.

What does this mean for Tradedoubler?
Tradedoubler could on their way to becoming a pioneer advertising firm. This is a new concept and has already put Tradedoubler’s name in a lot of people’s conversations — it gives them a competitive edge already.

Are there any downsides?
With technology there are always risks but the main potential problem is competition from other blockchain based ad networks. Tradedoubler may face very high expectations from customers who might be expecting a lot more from a product that will still be introducing new functionality over time and will be launching this for the first time.

Could a Marketing blockchain based ad network with an integrated API be a product the world never knew it needed? Time will tell. In the meantime things are looking promising for the crypto industry as advancements in a range of industries are being made every day.

What are your thoughts on Tradedoubler’s new approach? Comment below and let us know.

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Melissa Adams

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