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cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE — collaborate. co-create. innovate.

Because all good things come in threes.

Step 2: co-create.

We’re literally counting down the days to cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE. In the second installment of the blog series leading up to the digital project management event of the year, we’ll discuss the second ingredient of the cplace magic potion: co-creation.

Wait, you haven’t heard of cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE yet and are not even registered? Then hurry up, we’ll wait right here.

Register for cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE (it’s free!)

For the cplace community, co-creation means the joint solution development in an expert network of customers, partners, and our own team members. This allows us to discuss new concepts in our community, find solutions together, and exchange knowledge.

But why would a software vendor share so much of its technological assets with others?

  • The co-creation approach enables us to design exactly those solutions that the market wants and needs — together with the future users.
  • As customers can be fully involved in the development process, the resulting solutions are far more accepted (other than rigid standard software that is just forced upon the users).
  • Co-creation seems unthinkable without customer involvement right from the start. It brings cplace closer to our customers and their current challenges — out of the ivory tower, into real project life.
  • Co-creation enlarges the development capacities of a project — it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation.

And — let’s be honest: The business challenges are so big nowadays that no one woman, man, or company alone can come up with the perfect answer. An expert community might. It brings a diversity of capabilities, expertise, and perspectives to the table. It allows us to drive market- and customer-oriented innovation.

We have already proven time and time again that we’re not just building castles in the sky here. If you would like to get more in-depth insights into a real-life cplace co-creation project with Continental Reifen and MTU Aero Engines, we recommend this blog post and this webinar.

And if you have always wondered why we have such beautiful co-working spaces at our locations — these also contribute to the co-creation idea. They offer the perfect setting for example for our labs to work on strategic fields of innovation and enable collaboration Factory to fully understand our community’s current challenges, processes, and potential synergies.

It doesn’t make any sense to develop the lowest common denominator that doesn’t fit right for any of our customers. It is also a waste of resources to develop the same solutions over and over again with minor modifications. cplace allows us to find common ground and top-notch solutions together. At the same time, it enables all community members to adjust these kinds of best-practice solutions to their individual needs and combine them on one platform as they wish. This is what innovative business software looks like.

Speaking of which — stay tuned for the last installment of this series. It won’t take long, promised.

And while you still here — have you registered for cplace DIGI CON? Just joking, we know you wouldn’t want to miss that.

Written by Sabine Egner, Content & Marketing Specialist at collaboration Factory




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