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cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE — collaborate. co-create. innovate.

Because all good things come in threes.

Step 3: innovate.

We’re counting down the time until cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE 2020 not in days anymore, but in hours. Get ready, we’re starting off tomorrow, the 22nd of October at 1:30 pm CEST.

And it’s not too late to register — don’t miss the virtual PM happening of the year:

Register for cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE 2020 (it’s free)

The very last blog post in this year’s event series is dedicated to the result and the reason of all we do: We want to deliver innovation to help our customers and partners thrive in a disruptive environment. Without the first two steps — collaboration and co-creation — innovation is impossible.

Innovative solutions can only be created in a community that unites various areas of expertise. When our CEO, Rupert Stuffer, first started out with cplace, he wanted to deliver a “radically innovative” software solution. In the field of project management software…? That might have caused some eyebrows raised in disbelief. And yet he delivered.

So, the goal of the entire cplace venture has always been clear: delivering innovative software solutions. If you have taken away one thing from the previous parts of this series, then you’ll know that it all would not be possible without our exquisite cplace expert community — the driver of innovation in the cplace universe. Please find both blog posts here and here.

But let’s talk a word or two about a few more underlying drivers of innovation that enable our community to make it all happen, shall we?

The starting point is very complex and yet very simple at the same time: We are living in disruptive times — every company has to become faster, more agile and deliver shorter times-to-market, no time to lose. That’s why we’re currently seeing a clear trend towards agile organizations. Business agility seems impossible without autonomous teams that want to have a say in what their (technical) working environment looks like.

Organizational innovation is therefore (forcedly) often already established. The suitable software support for it, however? Not so much.

The cplace ecosystem is about to change that and it already delivers a variety of building blocks for software-supported business innovation. Without giving away too much in advance — opening software development for new user groups with adaptive solutions, solutions for Hybrid Project Management, and Solution Templates are some of the components of the next-generation business solutions that we have all been waiting for.

Find out more about these game changers at cplace DIGI CON. And if you don’t have time tomorrow — register anyway and enjoy our Content Hub after the event!

Register for cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE

Written by Sabine Egner, Content & Marketing Specialist at collaboration Factory




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