À deriva

Durante toda a noite sonhei que estava num barquinho.
No mar. 
À deriva.
Durante toda a noite tentando me equilibrar. 
No meio da imensidão escura e gélida.
A alguns centímetros do mar.

Acordei e ainda sentia o mesmo.
Durante todo o dia estive num barquinho.
À deriva.
Tentando me equilibrar. 
A alguns centímetros do frio, do medo, do mar.

Mad world — Lance Allen
Maybe you hasn’t realized but you decided to settle apart just when I needed you the most. I know that might be hard and unusual somehow. And I’m not telling you have any kind of obligation (you don’t, you are free, take that for granted), but if you really feel something or care, just a “How you doin’?” will be quite enough. I jus’ have to know.
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