First Day at Camp

We have made it to Ryazan!

For those that are not familiar, this week, we are working with formally orphaned young adults in the Ryazan area (or as they call them, graduated orphans). These students are attending a group led by a man named Max who has a fellowship for these adults. This week, we are leading a camp for these individuals and to show them love and fellowship of the Church. Some of the campers are married now, have kids, and a few of them have special needs. We also have a few youth from the Moscow church who are assisting us this week and working as our translators. In total, there are about 50 people here.

At the first session, Pastor Eric lead a session on Prevenient Grace and what that really means. During the session, Ayrin, Alyssa, and Vika (one of the youth) told their testimony. It was great to hear how the session and the real life examples flowed together. There were also some non-dry eyes. Finally, after the session, Alyssa taught us how to do the dance from Happy.

After dinner, we met for an evening of creating art and praise. Also, the mosquitoes here are huge! If you have ever been to Canada or the northern US, think that size.

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