T Minus 6

Hi! I am Ayrin White! I am leading Chapel Roswell’s first mission trip to Russia next week! I’ve led numerous mission trips over the past few years to different parts of the world, but this is a first to Russia! Through much discernment, planning and whole lot of praying… here we are! 6 days away from making the trek to Russia! Come along with us! Pray with us, laugh with us and journey with us…


Exactly 1 year ago to this very week, Bishop Eduard Khegay of the United Methodist Church in Russia and Eurasia, stood in Chapel Roswell and invited us to join in a partnership with the Methodist Church of Russia, to come and work together, encourage one another in faith and to share stories of redemption and how God is at work in our lives. See sermon here! In Russia, there are only 100 Methodist Churches, so for Chapel Roswell to come and work and live alongside our methodist brothers and sisters will be a great encouragement, not only for their church, but for Chapel Roswell, Roswell United Methodist Church and the entire Roswell Community.

When we think of mission trips, we typically think of going to fix something… maybe we go repair a building, build a school, aid in a feeding program or take a medical team into a rural village.. but this trip is different. Very different. We are simply going to Russia to live, learn and walk with our brothers and sisters there, just as Jesus did in his ministry. We go with the hope of a building the framework for a beautiful partnership between churches. One where we can inspire one another. One where we can share resources. One where we can celebrate milestones and victories together. One where we can pray together, learn together and live together as children and heirs to the Lord most high. A partnership that lives higher than any political battle.. one that is built on faith, hope and love. This is why we are going to Russia. The Lord opened the door, and one year later we are walking through it in His perfect time.

While we are in Russia, we will be hosting a summer camp just south of Moscow. We have been working with the young adults of the Russian Methodist Church to put this camp together for months now. Crafts, games, meals, firepits, music, laughter, teachings… literal summer camp. We are so excited!


Lord, in the midst of our crazy suburban lives, help us to find the quiet moments of rest and peace as we prepare to leave. Calm our hearts, tend to our fears and wrap us in your love.Direct our steps. Multiply and extend our impact far beyond that which we would ever plan or hope for. We love you and give this trip and our time to You, and You alone. Amen.

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