Week 2

This week, I continued with the Unity class, learning about lighting, physics, and animation. My plan for the coming week is to complete the Unity Certified Developer Courseware. Eventually I plan on getting certified (next time the exam is offered in the Bay Area).

Based on what I’ve learned in the Unity class so far, I wrote a Game Design Doc for Crab King that specifies the way the game works, from characters to levels. I will be using and updating this document as development goes on.

Today, I upgraded my GitHub account to Developer status (private repos). I also purchased the two crab models from the Asset Store (regular and King), since they were on sale, along with the underwater plants and crowns for the King/Queen.

For fun, last night I watched the documentary “Indie Game: The Movie” and was very inspired by the developers featured in the film. I will certainly return to those stories as I begin my own journey as a game developer.

Starting this week I will be out of the country for an extended period of time (until August 7) and I will use that time to really begin work on the Crab King project. I’ll be bringing my Gear VR with me and working on the game every day while I’m away.

Part 2

I made a lot of progress this week. I finished the Unity Courseware and began work on the game. I bought several models, including models for the “regular” enemy crabs, the Crab King, and the underwater plants and skybox.

I started by working on the crab’s movement, until I got it moving back and forth in a straight line with animation. Then I added hats to differentiate the “regular” crabs from one another (Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook). I implemented a spawning system (for now, pressing spacebar starts the game), and a system to advance to the next crab after defeat.

Next, I implemented the fighting system. I used the BladeSmith Melee Combat add-on from the Asset Store to set up the claws as weapons and the player as the target. Then I did the same the other way around, setting it up so that a mouse click performs an attack and damages the enemy. I added animations for damage and death using the system as well.

I also updated the movement system so that the enemy crab moves in a semicircle around the player. There are occasional bugs, but for the most part the math works. The speed of the crab is dependent on its level (Pawn through Rook).

The Crab Pawn with his stylish new hat.

I added the ability to block, even though it is currently controlled by the right mouse button. A cylindrical shield becomes activated when the player right clicks and stays active for 2 seconds, then lowers. Eventually this will be controlled by the position of the controller in space.

Finally, I added some bubbles to make the scene feel more like it is taking place underwater!

Bubbles make everything better.

I still have a long way to go, including setting up the underwater scene with better/more varied plants, gently moving the plants to simulate underwater currents, and implementing the true control scheme and UI. Right now the camera is controlled via the keyboard and the mouse attacks. The next enemy spawns immediately without any UI or cutscenes. Finally, I need to implement the Crab King using a separate model and stats.

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