Week 3

This week, I worked on some polish for the gameplay. I added a blood splatter when the user gets hurt. To accomplish this, I created a particle system prefab called PlayerBloodSplatter and spent some time tweaking the values to get it to a nice deep red. Even though crabs don’t have red blood, I made a stylistic choice to include red blood since the game should have a somewhat whimsical vibe to it. I then set a field on the player’s BS_Main_Health script that generates blood on impact.

I added more sounds this week as well. I bought a pack of character sounds and added sound effects for player/enemy attacks, player/enemy damage taken, and player/enemy death. I also added background music from the Game Music Pack to the fight and picked out the music I want to add to the cutscenes, credits, and boss fight.

Finally, I added VR controls using the Easy Gear VR Input add-on from the Asset Store. Using their scripts, I was able to get a controller/pointer working, and pressing the trigger button while pointing at the enemy causes the player to attack. I also wrote a script that measures the vertical level of the controller and interprets a raised controller as a block.

Next week, I want to focus on UI and getting separate levels set up.

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