Reactions: Not everything in life is Likable
Geoff Teehan

Facebook Reaction Buttons, Ranked [Tender Buttons Edition]

It’s Angry vs Sad vs Wow vs Like vs Love vs Haha vs Gertrude Stein

#6. Love

Loosely a concavity struck something round. Coldly a throbbing hurt in order to hold. Wine in a wine bottle pulses into its edges and nobody grieves, not yet. Nothing breaks when you touch it.

#5. Haha

Breadth is not necessarily large or looming. Sold as something resembling fruition, your calling clangs and collides but does not cut. There is no harm to hold. Does this earn an act of astonishment? Don’t hold anything you can’t see. Reduce your shape.

#4. Sad

If silence is not indicated by a motion then swiftness is neither white nor wet. Slowness convinces us of its greatest pain. Steadiness moves us without the use of shadows or shapes. Elaborately or not, the falseness can be felt.

#3. Like

Understanding why softness must be raised reveals why complexity and contrivance and different types of equivocation create systems to define and then defy comfort. Smothering is not a reason. Ignorance is not a reason. Would you call something that moved like the wind a reason? You would not. You could not. Otherwise, anything even vaguely ineffable would conceptually bleed. You are not responsible for its sounds. Nobody is responsible for its details.

#2. Wow

Name a number of holy things unless the act of naming them makes them less holy. Something is completed but if it is beholden to life, it can never feel full for we cannot measure its fullness without making it less full. Question something hard. Lurking where you are not looking something avant-garde widens and gains color. Looking is not the same experience.

#1. Angry

Not knowing something violates the very temperature of normal despair. Throughout this sort of stabbing, whatever plays the knife seeks not only spirit but closure, though it only teases closure before choking its fastidious vision. Boldly? Falsely? It is not the same. A clashing is not a collapsing but there are dark things that can’t be undone.

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