Life-long learning is dead. It is absolutely amazing how students of different discipline can disparage each other’s field of studies. It is almost as if there is a hierarchy of subject nobility. A study-caste system? A study-caste system!

I am proud to say I am studying English Literature. But after a while, it gets annoying when everyone’s reaction is “Oh, so you enjoy reading books!” or “Ah, are you going to be an English teacher?” As if that is all Literature students do or can do. So whenever people say that, I just smile politely.

But really, deep down in my heart, what I really want to reply is, “Nay, Milord, allow me to shew thee my prowess. Capable are we of using these blunt instruments to stop weapons of mine enemies and vanquish mine enemies five paces away with uncanny accuracy. But alas! ye dost not worth the might nor the time!” *creepy smiley face — the kind all fathers give their children before launching into birds and bees speech*