Datacast Episode 3: How to Be a Social Media Data Whiz with Leni Krsova

James Le
James Le
Sep 20, 2018 · 3 min read
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I’m creating a new podcast about Data Science called ! The 3rd episode is my conversation with , a social media data analyst from the Czech Republic based in Prague. Listen to learn about her past career in PR/marketing/brand management, why she got interested in social media data analysis, the data science community in Prague, as well as her recommendations for social media users regarding data privacy.

Guest Bio

Leni Krsová is social media data analyst from the Czech Republic, currently based in Prague. At the beginning of her career, she worked for Czech TV, a public broadcaster in the country, as a social media editor but switched quickly from marketing to the path of a data analyst. Since then she is interested more and more in data analysis of social media and online news media data with R, data privacy and academic research in these fields. She is planning to start her Ph.D. studies in near future.

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Show Notes

  • (3:08) Leni explains how studying Theatre Critics in college help her develop analytical thinking.
  • (4:00) Leni briefly her first job out of college in brand management at a lifestyle brand called .
  • (5:54) Leni goes over the most interesting classes she took during her Master of Arts in .
  • (7:52) Leni talks about her 1-year residency in the social media team of the New Media department at .
  • (12:02) Leni reflects on the career lesson she got out from her time at Czech TV.
  • (13:47) Leni discusses her first professional role working with data at , a social media marketing company in Prague.
  • (16:35) Leni talks about choosing as her main programming language to learn data science.
  • (19:43) Leni explains the study of .
  • (21:50) Leni discusses the technical aspects of her Master’s thesis about Czech journalists on Twitter.
  • (25:00) Leni goes over her brief stint as a marketing specialist at , a gym in Prague and a community of health enthusiasts.
  • (26:57) Leni talks about her next career move to , the most visited web portal and search engine in the Czech Republic.
  • (29:11) Leni also volunteers as a mentor for , a non-profit organization focused on educating girls about programming, data analysis, and graphics.
  • (30:17) Leni describes the .
  • (32:51) Leni talks about her passion for the tech scene in Stockholm.
  • (35:22) Leni talks about her popular Facebook page .
  • (36:45) Leni shares some tips for aspiring data scientists who want to improve their social media presence.
  • (39:00) Leni gives recommendations for social media users regarding concerns about data privacy.
  • (41:30) Leni shares her thoughts on the current state of digital journalism.
  • (43:48) Leni discusses her current plan to pursue a Ph.D. degree in the US.
  • (47:52) Closing segment.

Her Contact Info

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