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Community Test Call for ‘No Fishing’ Mini-Game

163 winners! 2600 USDT and exclusive NFT prizes up for grabs!

Dear Cradians, the No Fishing mini-game you’ve all been waiting for is almost here. But first, we would like to announce a new Community Test event!

As we inch ever closer to the No Fishing mini-game, we are now opening the beta version to our wonderful Cradles community so you can get a first-hand look at the first blockchain game to feature combinable component NFTs with the awesome power of the EIP3664 protocol!

The aim will be to let early testers try out the new game and test every single feature to identify gameplay improvements and bugs so we can ensure a smooth gaming experience for the actual game launch!

No Fishing Community Test instructions

  1. The public registration is already open. Each player must use their own wallet to register at:
  2. Note that you will need at least 1 Dragontar NFT to play the game. If you don’t have one already, you can get it from tomorrow (26th April) at the Dragontarclub portal here. You can find out more details about Dragontarclub in this blog post.
  3. The Community Test will last for 7 days from 26 April 2022 at 1 pm UTC. Everyone will be able to log in at to download the latest apk.
NF QR code

4. Then, all you need to do is play the game and collect points to race up the Leaderboard to win some awesome crypto prizes and exclusive items and invites to the Cradles main game!


  • The in-game visuals of Dragontars will differ from your actual NFT owned as they haven’t been fully linked yet. Super Rare (SR) and Super Special Rare (SSR) Dragontars will also not have any effects in No Fishing, pending updates for SR and SSR holders.
  • The game app is currently only available for Android.


  1. Each day, we will post the leaderboard in Discord, during the entire 7 days of the Community Test. Then, at the event’s conclusion, a grand prize pool of 2,600 USDT will be distributed to the top 163 accounts in the following ratio:
  • Top 3: $300, $200, $100
  • Positions 4–13: $50 each
  • Positions 14–63: $20 each
  • Positions 64–163: $5 each

2. The best player during the test event will receive a Golden Ammonite + Invite to Cradles Elite (if they are not already in the Elite queue).

3. Bug bounties: The first player to properly report a valid bug in-game on Discord ( ☎️│#report-no-fishing-bugs channel) will receive a Dragontar for each validated bug reported.

What’s new in the No Fishing mini-game

No Fishing is a multiplayer adversarial game developed by DRepublic Labs, where players take on the role of adorable Dragontars living on the Dragontar Planet. Fish are their favourite, so they do whatever it takes to fish on the planet, while Guardian Dragontars here will do their best to stop them.

Thus an interesting story unfolds. Who will be the best at overcoming obstacles and avoiding the Guardians? Join No Fishing now!

Here’s what’s waiting for you in the latest version of No Fishing:


Games consist of matches. In a single match, several players play the role of sneaky anglers, while one or two other players play the role of Guardian Dragontars, lawmen who arrest the anglers.

The anglers are supposed to catch as many fish as possible before being caught by the lawmen.

Anglers can fish at lakes of different sizes on the map while using bushes and trees around the lakes to hide from lawmen. Anglers are equipped with the skill of temporary invisibility, while lawmen have the skills of acceleration and scanning the surroundings as both sides do their best to outsmart each other.

Players may trigger random events that make for a highly entertaining game.

Latest Updates

  • A new Desert Oasis map with one Lawman and three Anglers per match.
  • New dress-up feature allows players to customize their own Dragontars.
  • New stores where players can purchase props with FishCoins.
  • New task feature which allows players to get rewards by completing tasks.
  • Translucent effect for players behind bushes.
  • New BGM for a tense atmosphere nearing the end of a match.
  • Ranking of Dragontars on the Fishing Tree upon match settlement.
  • Moved sign-up feature to the Website, requiring MetaMask linking.
  • Avatars of Dragontars can be displayed by use of drones.
  • Event icons optimized to be more distinguishable.
  • Optimized some specific designs and lighting effects.
  • Optimized model of fishing rods for more realism.
  • Fixed the collision of trees and walls in scenes to avoid getting stuck.
  • Optimized QTE (Quick Time Event) system to reduce delay after clicking.
  • Optimized map resources to keep phones from overheating or slowing down.
  • Optimized network connections to solve problems like login failure or lag.
  • Fixed the following bugs: failure to arrest players when they get disconnected; playing BGM twice sometimes; failure of settlement when a match is over; loss of the hook button when fishing.

What are you waiting for? Register for the No Fishing Community Test event and win awesome crypto and NFT prizes!

As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

Linktree: @cradles_official | Linktree


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