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Cradles AMA Recap, November 2021

Cradles: Origin of Species: Progress Update 02/11/2021

The Cradles team has been quiet, and loyal followers know that’s a good thing. The Cradles team does not focus on hype, they focus on innovation, from both the blockchain and game side. They don’t spend a lot of time pumping their project in public, because they are actually going to deliver what the community is waiting for: a blockchain based metaverse developed to last and thrive forever.


Cradles spent some time marketing and fundraising to prominent investors in the blockchain community which cut into their game development time but they are getting it all done, and have reached some amazing milestones on game development.

In game trailers will be released at a later date, including modelling and programming screenshots for the community to enjoy.


Cradles focuses on the game first. Several in our community want more NFTs, but rather than fill you with expensive NFTs without a game to use them in like other projects, Cradles focuses on the game and blockchain tech itself. With that said, the team has finished the Dragontar development and will soon release the world’s first combinable Avatar NFT: Dragontar.

NFTs lately have been a race to ape in, and then buyers hope to get a rare feature and to quickly turn their NFT around to make a quick profit. Cradles is changing the standard practise for NFTs. Every part of the Dragontar is an NFT. Holders can easily remove or add new accessories to their Dragontar. The value depends on the accessory value plus the Dragontar’s natural value. Holders can not change natural values like skin or teeth.

If a holder has a rare white Dragontar that is great, but they can make it more rare by adding accessories. But why sell these precious Dragontar NFTs just to make a profit. This Dragontar represents you. Rather, trade and upgrade accessories, make your Dragontar your own. Or sell some of the accessories to earn some money, but don’t give up your Dragontar, it is your mark in the Cradles Family.


Cradles will open up the first component NFT marketplace to allow everyone to trade their accessories and components. This will revolutionize the NFT space entirely, not only with utility and unprecedented features, but the NFT world will be in a race to catch up as they attempt to incorporate this utility into their own projects.


The whitelist rules are a hot topic, and the team knows the community wants all the details. This will be announced very soon. Stay active in the community, promote the project organically, and try to make your Discord level as high as possible, otherwise you may miss out.


The mini game took months to design. Designing a unique and new game that is interesting and enjoyable is not simple. But Cradles has finished the design of a very exciting mini game. This game play has never been seen before, and thanks to crypto, Cradles made it happen. This is not a play-to-earn where players rush in, buy expensive assets, take profits and quit. Players don’t need expensive NFTs to get in. But the mini game will only be open to Dragontar holders.


Players can still earn money in the game. There will be no market crashes in the mini-game. Players don’t need to worry about when to quit and take profits. There is no need to quit, you play, enjoy, and of course, earn. Its that simple. The team hopes the game will be released in December at the latest. Hint: The mini game theme is fishing!


There will be some NFTs related to fishing coming soon. They should be coming out this month. Hint: Dragontars eat fish!


The NFTs originally sold on Binance were ERC-721. Binance needs to allow users to transfer out so we need to wait on Binance. The team will open a tool to help transfers, but this is tricky since the 721 NFTs need to be transferred to 3664. Patience!


The IDO will be held in the next few months. Most likely December or January. This whitelist will be competitive, so keep your levels in discord high to get your best shot at a whitelist spot.


Many projects, sell loads of expensive NFTs before they are even close to releasing a game. Most buyers are coming to flip a profit and the end result is expensive in game assets for those that actually want to play the game. This team does it different, and wants the tokenomics to be built to withstand time, and provide a way to play, enjoy, and earn forever.


There will be a form of staking in the future, but it will look quite different than what most are used to. The Cradles team handles everything in a new and innovative way, and they don’t know their community will be happy.


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