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Cradles Dragontar NFTs Airdrop #2 Incoming! Are you Whitelisted?

After our first successful Dragontar NFT Airdrop back in August, we’ve heard many more of you ask about these nifty little creatures so let’s break the good news. The next Dragontar NFT Airdrop is nearly here and this time, we’re looking to distribute 505 more of these to our community and avid followers!

Of course, not everyone will get the chance to win one of these cute little critters, so let’s dive right into the Whitelisting process. There will be TWO ways to get whitelisted for Dragontar Airdrop #2.

A) Lucky Draw (Campaign Period: 18 Nov to 22 Nov Discord server time) — 425 Dragontars

The first event will be a lucky draw, whereby every participant will try to earn as many tickets as possible by completing tasks on social media. The more tasks you complete, the more tickets you will have, and the higher your chances of being drawn as a winner. We will randomly draw 425 tickets at the end of the campaign period, and these 425 drawn winners will receive 1 Dragontar each!

Here are the task details:

  1. Check out our sweepwidget campaign and accomplish the tasks for more tickets towards getting picked in the lottery here:

All other natural giveaway rules will apply — 1 unique account, wallet address and personal information per participant. We want a fair, actual community of participants so all duplicates discovered will cause entries to be disqualified!

B) Top Discord activity (Campaign Period: 18 Nov to 22 Nov Discord server time) — 80 Dragontars

Want to guarantee your chances at a brand new roaring Dragontar? We’ll be rewarding our most active and engaged users on Discord with allocations for 80 Dragontar NFTs in total. To win is simple, and we will give allocations to these different categories:

  1. 50 Dragontars for Top 50 Inviters. Open to all Discord members. Invite as many verified new users as you can to the official Cradles Discord server using your invite link and if you’re in the Top 50 inviters during the Airdrop period, you will get a Dragontar NFT.
  2. 25 Dragontars for Top 25 Levels. The Top 25 Level members (must be greater than Level 10) will get an allocation.
  3. 5 Special Drop Dragontars for Most Active. Each day, for 5 days, the most active member in Discord as determined by Cradles team will win a special drop Dragontar! Prizes awarded manually.

Other terms and conditions of the Airdrop:

  1. Winners will be contacted with the Discord ID they provided and must respond within 7 days of contact to receive the Airdrop or the prizes will be forfeited.
  2. Cradles staff reserves the right to modify any terms of the Airdrop at any given time without prior notice.
  3. Disqualification due to fraud, multi-accounting, negligence or any other reason is at the sole discretion of Cradles staff.
  4. 1 allocation per wallet address

Why would I want yet another NFT? What’s so special about Dragontars?

During the two airdrops, we send out over $100,000 worth of Dragontars, whereby each part of every Dragontar is an NFT. Imagine, every item of clothing and accessory on your avatar is its own NFT, adding layers of value on top of the existing avatar value. Want more expensive eyes or teeth? Or a more rare type of skin? Dragontar NFTs let you customize, build, take apart, combine as you wish!

In this way, an already rare avatar NFT can be made even more valuable by adding uncommon accessories. Because your avatar is a representation of you, there are endless possibilities for customization, so you can literally build your Dragontar in your image. Show everyone that the Cradles family is made up of people from all over the world, as diverse and creative as their ever-evolving set of Dragontars!

We’ve got to admit it. It’s really cool to see our not-so-little community so actively involved in the chats and discussions even as we continue working very hard to push out Cradles and its awesome technology. But we also want you to experience for yourself the uniqueness of Cradles NFT capabilities (using the new EIP3664 protocol if you want the technical details).

Dragontar NFTs are all usable in our upcoming mini-game. In fact, the only way to be able to play this groundbreaking game will be to own a Dragontar so get your hands on some if you want to be the first in the world to play a blockchain-game with composable, customizable NFTs!

Questions? Comments? Join the conversation on Cradles social media and get the latest updates!



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Cradles: Origin Of Species is a prehistoric metaverse, which introduces the time and entropy system for the first time ever in gaming.

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