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Cradles Pre-Alpha Reactions

[access extended to 25 October!]

Just 9 days ago, we decided to open up Cradles as pre-alpha and the response we’ve had is nothing short of inspiring: we’ve got gamers crawling all over the game already, many of you elite Cradians quickly exhausted the quests!

It’s already proving to be a useful exercise, fixing major bugs that we fixed in an update launched today. But we thought we’d also share some of the early reactions from the lucky pre-alpha testers right here so you can see what you’re missing out.

Oh, and did we mention? We’ve extended pre-alpha access to 25th October, so get in there!

The Beach!

Let’s start off with this 1 hour+ epic livestream from Sage Bros as they explore Thalia and surrounding areas. They end it by discovering the second portal… “Ohh, the beach!”. Priceless.

Archer Power

Watch Bulldog reaping the benefits of critical arrow attacks.

How to down a T-Rex

And check out Merino showing us how the first step in making T-Rex soup.

He’s not opposed to hacking at trees for that useful crafting lumber!

Level 18

SlayerND says it took him four hours to get to his character’s level. Jealous much?

Fight Dance

And check out Hauser’s psychedelic take on Cradles battles!

What are you guys waiting for?



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