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Cradles Weekly Report

27 June — 3 July 2022

As you may have noticed from our recent posts on social media, we’ve been digging deep into the game and shared some action shots from Cradles: Origin of Species. Awesome, don’t you think?

They’re reflective of ongoing development efforts on our main game, but we’re also making a lot of progress on the No Fishing mini game.

See for yourself our latest updates in the 14th weekly report on product developments.

Game development

  1. Improved back-end logic of leaderboard
  2. Modified location of treasure-box
  3. Modified judgement of arrest, possession and skills
  4. Developed mini-games in Cradles
  5. Developed email feature
  6. Released new Cradles package
  7. Fixed most bugs
  8. Optimised new obstacle avoidance system
  9. Added special effects and sound effects
  10. Added Pterosaur

Game Design

  1. Improved friends system interface
  2. Made UI and icons for treasure-box feature
  3. Modified tasks
  4. Improved styles and dresses of Dragontars
  5. Improved architectural design shared by Arcata city-state: three single common shared building combinations \ wagons and several props \ vegetation
  6. Complete concept map of Dongle city-state


  1. Made Witch publicity videos, including editing and storyboard
  2. Updated No-Fishing website and set up interaction
  3. Ran formal setting of 3664 server
  4. Ran formal setting of Manage
  5. Added EIP-3664 NFT services: inquiring all NFT features

And for the coming week, these are the actions we have planned across all areas:

  1. Add new monsters
  2. Test tasks
  3. Test Cradles new features
  4. Sort out settlement type, interaction status of No-Fishing Ghost Field
  5. Keep up with the progress of new packages for No-Fishing, especially debugging of new Witch’s Forest barriers and treasure-boxes
  6. Continue to specify Cradles self-built continent planning
  7. Add new city centre
  8. Fix remaining bugs
  9. Improve durability repair system
  10. Test new fonts
  11. Design cover for new models
  12. Design fishing rod and other equipment
  13. Improve and add elements to Witch Map
  14. Complete design of Novice Village (Field Map 2) and sand table of Brician city-state
  15. Follow up on No-Fishing publicity videos
  16. Make No-Fishing official website interaction
  17. Add more features to Cradles official website

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

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