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Cradles Weekly Report

11–17 July 2022

You can probably tell from our recent sharing of updates and in-game shots that things have been ramping up for the production of MMORPG Cradles: Origin of Species alongside development of the mini-game, No Fishing!

We now share the details in the 16th weekly report on product developments. Enjoy!

Game development

  1. Debugged sharp knife skill
  2. Completed coding for Tachi skill and greatsword skill
  3. Optimized No-Fishing trophy settlement logic
  4. Optimized No-Fishing reward settlement logic
  5. Improved No-Fishing skill logic
  6. Followed up on No-Fishing debugging, including Ghost Field, Witch Field, role reversal, game settlement, and fishing events

Game Design

  1. Designed talons and claws in Cradles
  2. Designed new skeletal movements of Dragontars
  3. Designed soldier suit in Curvitan city-state
  4. Collected all Cradles icons
  5. Designed Cradle proficiency skills for bow system, mining, and logging
  6. Designed Cradles new scenes and barriers (60% done)
  7. Completed NPC editing system
  8. Evaluated NPC suit design
  9. Designed NPC equipment/skill requirements
  10. Completed pot and scarecrow design
  11. Designed special effects for mushroom
  12. Worked on design of Dragontar fishing rod, Curvitan city-state armour
  13. Designed first sketch of Novice Village (Field Map 2)
  14. Designed Brician city-state concept map (almost done)


  1. Completed Cradles registration page
  2. Made some videos and character intros for No-Fishing official website

And for the coming week, these are the actions we have planned across all areas:

  1. Continue to develop mail feature
  2. Continue to debug No-Fishing
  3. Optimize mini-game animation controller and performance
  4. Develop new features of task system
  5. Continue to design model of woodcutter axes
  6. Complete beach, forest, campsite, and cave design of Novice Village (Field Map 2)
  7. Complete overall design of the field map
  8. Design subpages of No-Fishing and Cradles official websites
  9. Adjust the front end of No-Fishing official website

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

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