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Cradles Weekly Report

28 March — 3 April 2022

Cradians! The first quarter of the year has been such a blast for Cradles: Origin of Species, the world’s first time-lapsing metaverse MMORPG.

We kicked off the new year in some style with a $5 million private funding round, and many AMA sessions with our growing community of gamers and creators.

If you’ve been following us on our socials, then you’ll already know that our latest updates and developments are shared regularly there. Discord, Twitter, and Telegram (check out the social links below if you’re missing out) will always be the best place to find out the very latest from us and our fellow creators.

Nevertheless, Cradles is always keen to improve project transparency and to keep the community abreast of technical developments. So now we will also share more details of ongoing game development progress and other relevant tasks more regularly on our blog, beginning with this post!

Game development

We completed the following tasks:

  1. Completed joint debugging testing of Proficiency Levels and Friends Interface.
  2. Built UI framework of Guild System.
  3. Completed animations for multiplayer boss fight simulations. Specifically, we have improved the video recording system, and can later use it to play real-time cutscenes.
  4. Improved Friends Interface.
  5. Developed trading functionality.
  6. Completed No-Fishing’s bestiary system. We’ve also done initial planning for achievement (trophy) rewards, fishing rod design, and UI improvements.
  7. Developed more No-Fishing features.
  8. Designed new feature: players can build their own continents.

We have planned these actions for next week:

  1. Update the Dragontar ranking feature.
  2. Further synergize blockchain technology with the official website.
  3. Complete client-side features of Guilds.
  4. Complete the feature of the teaming-up system.
  5. Test and optimize all features previously done.
  6. Debugging and testing of the entire client (requires server-side cooperation).
  7. Review recommendation to set up an additional server for the packaged version of the entire client.
  8. Develop features of Arena.

Game Design

We completed the following tasks:

  1. Modified drawings of suits of leather armor, pendants around characters’ necks, characters with One-Handed Sword and characters with One-Handed Axes.
  2. Designed special effects and created High Polygon Models.
  3. Drew a Sketch of the Witch.
  4. Designed images of monsters.
  5. Revised the “World View”
  6. Designed guiding tasks in the game.

We have planned these actions for next week:

  1. Design characters with One-Handed Maces and daggers, etc.
  2. Create High Polygon Model of the Witch
  3. Determine the outsourcing of Cradles key visuals.


We completed the following tasks:

  1. Followed up on outsourcing of city centre designs.
  2. Optimized Cradles official website and HTML5 pages on mobile.
  3. Wrote script for promotional videos and KV designs for Cradles.
  4. Finalized positioning of seven cities: colors, overall styles and keywords.
  5. Specified Arcata planning map and architectural styles.
  6. Followed up on outsourcing of concept drawings of scenes and other designs.

We have planned these actions for next week:

  1. Make animations of Dragontar crystal balls.
  2. Create storyboards.

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

Linktree: @cradles_official | Linktree


Cradles Official Forum:



Telegram Group:

Telegram Channel:







Cradles: Origin Of Species is a prehistoric metaverse, which introduces the time and entropy system for the first time ever in gaming.

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